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    Item Code : RICK1534

    Join Rick and get a real feel for the people he meets. Find a true understanding of treasured local customs with visits to Athens and the Acropolis; The Peloponnese and the Mycenae Palace; The Greek Islands; Central Turkey, Ankara and Cappadocia; Turkish West Coast, Kusadasi and Ephesus; Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Kibbutz Ein Gedi; Cairo to Luxor; The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Extra DVD features include: Gates of Jerusalem; Thessalonika and Greek Monasteries; Istanbul; and Rick's Back Door Travel Tips. 3? hours DVD, 60 minutes VHS.
  2. $29.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLOB20674

    Israel & The Palestinian Territories - Travel Video.
    DVD. Globe Trekker. Planet Food is a true taste of the exotic! Follow our travellers as they take you on a culinary journey exploring food cultures in some of the world's most delicious destinations: from the world's biggest fish market in Japan to the bustling food markets beneath the Acropolis. Get behind-the-scenes info, features, food festivals and tasty insider tips. Just over 60 years old, Israel has a surprisingly diverse and rich food tradition which has been shaped by Jewish refugees arriving from all over the world. Traditionally people think of Falafel as Israel's national dish. Immigrants coming from Germany, Poland, Russia and its surrounding countries (known as shkenazi) and Jews from Spain and the Middle East (known as Sephardi) all brought a melting pot of their own Jewish cultural traditions mixed with cuisine from the country they were fleeing from to create the rich texture of what is Israeli cuisine today. In the West Bank and the Arab quarters of Jerusalem you can be sure to taste a wide ranging cuisine befitting of such a turbulent history of occupation. From traditional Middle Eastern concoctions of stewed lamb, rice, hummus and burghul-infused tabouleh salads, to the resplendent mezzes that make up Ottoman cooking, Palestinian eating habits really do betray a cosmopolitan outlook. In the second half of this Planet Food special, chef and global nomad Bobby Chinn, investigates whether there is an authentic Palestinian cuisine, or not. He explores Jerusalem, Jericho, Bethlehem and the administrative centre of Ramallah on his grand mission, taking time out to make a classic Ramadan dessert called ‘Katayef’ at the prestigious American Hotel in Jerusalem, a ‘Makloubeh’ lamb stew with Chef Jozeph Asfour (who has cooked for Pope Benedict) and a traditional, Middle Eastern dish called ‘Musakhan’ for a loving Christian Arab family. He also learns about the thriving agricultural landscape, visiting a Medjhoun date farm in the chalky deserts of Jericho, a woman’s co-operative making the local cous cous called ‘maftoul’ and taking part in the olive harvest. Wherever Bobby roams he is greeted and feted by curious locals, tasting great food along the way, and above all, enjoying fantastic Arab hospitality in this little spoken about area of the Middle East.
  3. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : MYST1545

    Tomb of Jesus - Travel Video.
    DVD. Mysteries. 60 Minutes. Discover the evidence behind the search for the Tomb of Jesus. Learn about his last days and the practices and rites of the era he lived in. Listen to the expert opinions of leading theological and historical scholars as they describe the historical significance of Jerusalem and the life of Jesus himself. Through examining the final days of Jesus, the Jewish myth of the messiah, and the political climate of the ancient world, "Tomb of Jesus" asks the question, "Where was Jesus buried?" Will the facts shed light on where Jesus was crucified and where believers think he rose again? Or, will the experts concede there are no concrete answers? Find out on "Tomb of Jesus." The Mysteries series is a documentary series separating truth from fiction, solving intricate questions that have captivated people around the globe for centuries. Mysteries seeks out the latest evidence, not simply repeating existing myths, legends and facts but by securing the testimony of top experts in their fields: charismatic and entertaining scientists, historians, archeologists, and more.
  4. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : MYST1544

    Noah and the Flood - Travel Video.
    DVD. Mysteries. 60 Minutes. Learn about the Ararat Anomaly and how it ties in to the story of Noah. Decide whether or not ship wreckage found on the mystical mountain is really the remains of the ark. See how space imaging technology has been used to solve the mystery of Mt. Arahat. Listen to the expert opinions of leading theological and historical scholars as they discuss the many ways in which people throughout the ages have tried to validate the claims made in the story of Noah. Through examining the evidence, from the large number of flood myths to possible remains of the ark, "Noah and the Flood" asks the question, "Was the biblical story of Noah's flood real?" Will the facts shed light on an historical flood that wiped out most of the world, or will the experts concede there is no concrete proof? Find out on "Noah and the Flood." A documentary series separating truth from fiction, solving intricate mysteries -- places, objects, events and/or people -- that have captivated people around the globe for centuries. "Mysteries" seeks out the latest evidence, not simply repeating existing myths, legends and "facts", but by securing the testimony of top experts -- charismatic and entertaining scientists, historians, crime investigators.
  5. $39.95 set of 2 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : QUES1541

    Gates of Jerusalem - A History of the Holy City (2 video set), cc ~ Questar Video.
    VHS. Worn smooth by time and bullet-scarred by the ravages of war, the Gates of Jerusalem have witnessed epic events, from the early invasion of Nebuchadnezzar's armies 3,000 years ago to the Six Day War of 1967. In that time, Jerusalem has been conquered on forty different occasions and destroyed eighteen times. This video tells the stories of the events and people who have passed through those gates, and explores the historic and spiritual significance of each gate to the ancient city. Artists' renderings and animated reconstructions, archival footage and photos help document the story. 2-Video Slipcase Set. 2 Hours.
  6. $69.95 DVD + $8.50 p&h or $18.50 foreign delivery All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : QUES1540

    Against All Odds: Israel, God's Miracle - Travel Video.
    DVD. 9 Hours. How does Israel survive against all odds? Modern-day Israel is truly a divine wonder of the current age. How has it triumphed through four major wars and survived relentless terrorist attacks? Meet the actual people who lived through what can only be described as miracles of Biblical proportions, and share their remarkable stories. Disc #1: Episode 1 - The Assignment; Episode 2 - Miracle at Michmash; Espisode 3 - Shula: The Girl Who Became a Spy. Shula Cohen, a married woman living in Beirut, risks her life to become one of Israel's most famous spies. Israeli troops in the Yom Kippur War are saved when a mysterious wind exposes thousands of mines that imperil their lives. During World War II, the Biblical account of Saul and Jonathan inspires a British major to launch an improbable victory against a Turkish garrison. Disc #2: Episode 4 - The Miracle of Survival: Hitler and the Holocaust; Episode 5 - A Boy Named Ezra; Episode 6 - The Miracle of '48. An outnumbered Israeli squad is saved when approaching enemy troops inexplicably flee. Compelling dramatizations and interviews chronicle miraculous triumphs in Israel's fight for independence from the British and in the establishment of a Jewish homeland in 1948. The devastating history and haunting legacy of the Holocaust is considered. Disc #3: Episode 7 - 1967!; Episode 8 - A Warrior Named Kahalani; Episode 9 - The People of the Book Come Home. Avigdor Kahalani, one of Israel's most decorated and beloved war heroes shares his incredible stories of survival and victory in the Yom Kippur War. Considering the miracle of Israel's own existence, her citizens share firsthand what it means to live in the land of their forefathers. Disc #4: Episode 10 - A Place of Miracles?; Episode 11 - Myth or Miracles?; Episode 12 - Rescue at Entebbe. Strange beings wielding flaming swords foil marauding Arabs in their attempt to destroy a Jewish community. Thousands of storks suddenly appear to devour locusts plaguing a farming village. The subject of miracles and faith take a personal meaning when former hostage Sarah Davidson recalls the harrowing 1976 hostage crisis that set the stage for a daring rescue mission at Entebbe airport. Disc #5: Episode 13, Episode 13 - In Search of a Miracle. Plus Extra Feature - Is Israel a place of miracles? In this inspiring episode, Michael Greenspan concludes his investigation and reflects on the remarkable people he has met and the incredible stories he has heard. Series writer and director Tom Ivy hosts Against All Odds: The Making of a Miracle, a fascinating behind the scenes look at the creation of this extraordinary exploration of fact and faith. Disc #6: Against All Odds Feature Film - This feature film version captures all the powerful drama and uplifting spirit of the stirring thirteen-part series. Gripping dramatizations, eyewitness accounts, and interviews with historians and religious leaders etch a fascinating portrait of a nation's soul. Extra Feature: Photo gallery.
  7. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : QUES1539

    Against All Odds: Israel Survives - Travel Video.
    DVD. 95 Minutes. Israel's rebirth and survival in the 20th Century has been called a miracle. Those who were there cite their own experiences as proof. These are their stories. Completed in 2006 and as timely as today's headlines, Against All Odds: Israel Survives is a powerful and uplifting spiritual journey through Israel's turbulent history. Remarkable stories of awe-inspiring supernatural phenomena that helped to create and preserve modern Israel come to life in gripping dramatizations, eyewitness accounts, and interviews with the people who experienced these miracles of biblical proportions! Extra Feature: Against All Odds- The Making of a Miracle: Series writer and director Tom Ivy hosts this compelling chronicle of the making of this extraordinary series.
  8. $59.95 set VHS NTSC

    Item Code : READ1538

    Jesus And His Times - Travel Video.
    Readers Digest. Boxed Set of 3 Videos. VHS. Walk among the hills and valleys where the traditions of the Jewish and Christian faiths began. This unique program combines both documentary and drama to explore the political and religious turmoil that shaped and defined the beginnings of Christianity. Follow on detailed maps as these three inspirational videos tell the fascinating story of Jesus and His Times in the Holy Land. For the entire family, this award winning series is an entertaining and informative chronicle of the Man, His life, and the world in which He lived. Filmed in the Holy Land with a multi-million dollar production budget, you will experience as never before what it was like to live at such a pivotal point in history. 3 Hrs ( = 180 minutes).
  9. $39.95 set of 2 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : QUES1532

    Where Jesus Walked - Travel Video.
    Questar Video. 2-Video Set with Slipcase. VHS. America's most moving docu-drama about the life of Jesus has sold over half a million copies. Beautifully filmed in the Holy Land in the very places where God walked as man, the events in the life of Jesus are faithfully and poignantly recreated to the accompaniment of timeless songs of praise. Vol.1: Walking With Jesus Visit the Church of the Nativity and relive the birth of Jesus. Walk the streets of Nazareth, where Jesus came of age. Wade the Jordan River where He was baptized by His cousin John. Climb the hill to the Church of the Beatitudes where the Sermon on the Mount and the Miracle of the loaves and fishes took place. Finally, follow Jesus as He climbs the slopes of Mt. Tabar to reveal Himself in the fullness of His glory before His walk to Jerusalem and the final hours of His life came to pass. Vol.2: Road To The Cross Witness Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem, and His angry expulsion of money-changers from His Temple. Feel the tension at the Last Supper as Judas slips away to betray his Master. Stand with Peter when he denies his Savior three times before Jesus is led away to Pilate. In less than 24 hours, Jesus was tried, convicted, jeered at as He was led through the streets of Jerusalem, and crucified. Share Mary Magdalene's astonishment at the empty tomb. At the Church of the Ascension, hear the risen Christ's last words, "Behold I am with you even to the end of the world." 2 Hours.
  10. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : TMYS1528

    Golgatha Israel - Travel Video.
    DVD. Terra Mystica. 26 Minutes. How would Jesus be treated today? Would the same terrible words be used, "Crucify him!", shouted by an angry crowd. Ancient Christian texts record that the high priests demanded liberty for Barabas and death for Jesus. It is believed that Pontius Pilat asked the people which man should be spared and the crowd shouted, "Barabas!" When Pilat asked what he should do with Jesus they exclaimed, "Crucify Him!" The Cross soon became the symbol of a religious belief that now stretches across the world and symbolises the sacrifice made by Jesus for his fellow man and also the relationship that exists between Heaven and Earth. Located northeast of Jerusalem's Temple Mountain, Mount of Olive, played an important role in the life of Jesus. It was from there that He traveled into the city and at the foot of the mountain, in the garden of Gethsemane, was taken prisoner. The belief in Christ's Resurrection is an essential element in Christianity that is celebrated each year at Easter time. Golgatha Hill in Jerusalem has become a symbol of Christ's death and for Christians all over the world, the word Golgatha means not only the place of execution of their Saviour but it is also a pilgrimage destination and a reminder of Christ's sacrifice.
  11. $29.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : WRLD1527

    Israel Today - Travel Video.
    DVD. Worldwide Travel Films. 80 Minutes. Some people say Israel is a land as venerable as the bible and as vibrant as today's newspaper headlines. Accorded formal nation status in 1948, Israel is certainly a part of the world that has known uncommon turmoil for over 2,000 years - with alternate periods of calm and violence - and appears headed for more of the same. Their "Israel Today!" is a timely, new look at this tiny but vitally important place. The film was produced and the show is presented with a hope for peace and prosperity, which the vast majority of people in the region desperately desire and richly deserve. ? TEL AVIV - Israel's largest city with more than a million inhabitants and the country's largest resort with high rise hotels, fine restaurants, world class beach, sailing, ancient markets, internet cafes, modern universities, museums, gardens -- and traffic! Celebrate Independence Day and Memorial Day and visit nearby Jaffa. ? HERZLIYYA - Tour Israel's answer to California's Silicon Valley. Almost every high tech company in the world, including some born in Israel, operates in this rapidly growing town. ? NETANYA - Watch skilled artisans change rough diamonds into elegant jewelry at Netanya's National Diamond Center. ? CAESAREA - Walk in the footsteps of the conquering Romans and touch the ancient remains of their aqueducts and amphitheaters. ? KIBBUTZIM - Experience the laid back lifestyle of those who inhabit the kibbutz communities throughout Israel. Agriculture, education, the arts and religion are all part of the scene. ? ARMAGEDDON - Known alternately as Megiddo, this biblical site is where many people believe the final battle of civilization will be fought as the forces of "good" conquer the forces of "evil". ? AKKO - Besieged and influenced by everyone from the Visigoths to the Crusaders and beyond, this historic Arab town is a visual delight. ? HAIFA - See the country's second largest seaport, the Bahai faith's international headquarters, and Haifa's sculpture-laden Peace Park. Meet the person who created the sculptures. ? DRUZE VILLAGE - Admire the work of master weavers, meet the non-Muslim Arab inhabitants of Daliat-el-Carmel, and marvel at the beauty of a nearby nature reserve. ? NAZARETH - Visit the town where Jesus grew up and see Mary's Well, Basilica of the Annunciation, and Church of Jesus the Adolescent. ? SEA OF GALILEE - Sail on Israel's largest body of fresh water to visit some of Christianity's most important holy sites near Tiberias. ? HULA VALLEY - Learn about the conversion of a swamp into Israel's 10,000-acre "bread basket" and the reintroduction of once indigenous wildlife. ? METULLA - Proceed with caution in this exceptionally pretty but heavily patrolled northernmost town precariously perched on the border of Lebanon. ? ELAT - Play on the beach and scuba dive in the crystal clear water of this increasingly popular and luxurious Red Sea resort. ? NEGEV DESERT - Enjoy the dramatic beauty of this unforgiving environment that represents almost 50 percent of Israel's land mass. Learn how today's residents are reinventing and refining ancient water systems to turn the desert "green" at places like Sde Boker. Meet the nomadic Bedouins and their camels. ? BEER SHEBA - Absorb the sights and sounds of the weekly Bedouin market where you can bargain for sheep, camels, clothing and other treasures. ? DEAD SEA - Experience the curative powers of "black mud" and floating in the salty waters. And learn about the area's multi-billion dollar chemical mining industry. ? MASADA - Brave the 100-degree summer heat and climb to this desert fortress, 1,000 feet above the Dead Sea surface. Built by King Herod some 2,000 years ago, some believe this fortress was witness to the largest mass suicide in history. ? JERUSALEM - Compare and contrast the "old" and "new" parts of this ancient holy city, home to important shrines for all three of the world's monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Sites featured are Islam's Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque, Christianity's Holy Sepulcher, Via Dolorosa and Garden Tomb, and Judaism's Second Temple, "Wailing Wall" and Yad Vashem. Other features include the gates of Jerusalem's Old City, the Arab market, Dead Sea Scrolls at the Israel Museum, the Knesset, and urban development in modern West Jerusalem. ? BETHLEHEM - Not officially recognized as being part of Israel today, the town where Jesus was supposedly born remains an important stop for any visitor to this sacred land. Attend mass at the Church of the Nativity and see the "crib" where Mary gave birth.

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