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Iowa Travel Videos, DVD, Touring, Sightseeing, Vacation, Destination


  1. $29.95 DVD High Definition ~ All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : BENN17788

    Discoveries...America, Iowa.
    DVD Castles of corn & soybeans tower over the great rolling hills of Iowa. This is America's breadbasket, illustrated in several segments. The National Mississippi River Museum is the star attraction in Dubuque with it's large aquariums & exhibits which tell stories of the past, present & future of the mighty Mississippi. The annual Old Threshers Reunion...historic farm machinery, old time steam engines, tractors & trains. The nearby American Gothic House is the scene of one of America's most recognized paintings. In the small town of Bonaparte, the Thomas family found themselves right in the middle of an archeological dig when they purchased a piece of property that was once a pottery factory. The Amana Colonies, is a unique American success story. Born from a 19th century German religious commune, this unique community thrives in the 21st century as a tourist, manufacturing, and agricultural business model. In Gladbrook, Career Counselor by day, Matchstick Artist by night?Patrick Acton's Matchstick Marvels are so incredible they're displayed in several of Ripley's "Believe It or Not" museums around the world, in addition to the Gladbrook museum built especially for the Matchstick Marvel collection. Japanese ceremony, Horse Archery, the Music Man, soy & Winnebago...all unique Iowa stories which will pique your curiosity & make you smile. Even little piggies emerging on their first day in the world.

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