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Georgia Travel Videos, DVD, Touring, Sightseeing, Vacation, Destination


  1. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GOLF22132

    Atlanta Georgia - Travel Video.
    DVD. Good Time Golf. 30 Minutes. This episode hits new heights at the Stone Mountain Park and uncovers some fantastic Southern Hospitality on this trip through Georgia. Hard Labor Creek, Reunion Golf Club, Stone Mountain and Woodmount Golf Club are all included.
  2. $29.95 DVD Regions 1 & 2

    Item Code : GLOB20819

    Georgia & Armenia - Travel Video.
    DVD. Globe Trekker Video. 60 minutes. Just south of the Caucasus Mountains are two countries that have witnessed the clash of various cultures for thousands of years. Formally part of the Soviet Union but independent since 1991, Georgia and Armenia are situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Globe Trekker Ian Wright explores Georgia and Armenia, beginning his journey in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. He explores the flea markets in town before traveling to the once popular tourist destination, Lake Sevan. Along the way, he visits Geghard Monastery dating from the 1st Century AD and ends his travels in Armenia with a visit to the genocide memorial. Ian's journey in Georgia begins with a trip to the capital, Tbilisi. He visits the local produce market and has a dip in the city’s famous hot springs. Leaving the city for the Caucasus Mountains, Ian travels via the seaside resort of Batumi and visits Ushguli, the highest constantly occupied village in Europe. On his way down the mountain, Ian stops off in Mestia, the carved city of Vardzia and pays a visit to Gori, a town that still worships Joseph Stalin. The last leg of his journey takes Ian on a three day trek up the summit of Mount Kazbek, a long extinct volcano at 16,500 ft it is the highest peak in the eastern Caucasus
  3. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : SEAS17745

    Savannah/Charleston Tale of Two Cities - Travel Video.
    DVD. The Seasoned Traveler. 30 Minutes. The United States is fortunate to have two such classic and charming cities and so close together. Charleston and Savannah were both founded before the American Revolution. They were important then and they remain vibrant Southern belles even today. The Georgia and South Carolina cities are less than 100 miles apart and they are often compared, as adventurers visit both communities. As we discovered, there are some things the cities share but they are also unique and very different. While they have similarities, Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina, are very different from each other. Highlights of visits of these two "Southern Belles" include the cities' historical districts, their noteworthy museums of art and their interesting cemeteries. George Bauer, the Traveler, is a radio and television journalist with 30 years of experience. He's been a reporter and anchor on local stations and national networks in the United States and Great Britain. Now he has decided to change course and give in to a nagging desire--to travel and tell others about exciting places across the globe. The Seasoned Traveler is a unique series created especially for today's over-50 explorer. Award-winning broadcast journalist and travel aficionado George Bauer presents destinations and useful travel tips in a style that is informative, fast-paced and fun. The series caters to both the active explorer and the traveler who prefers a more relaxed pace.
  4. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : PASS17743

    Tbilisi and the Caucasus Mountains Republic of Georgia - Travel Video.
    DVD. Passport to Adventure. Hosts Julie Conover &Mark Jennings begin their journey in Vienna, Austria, an elegant, cosmopolitan city, and the gateway to the new frontiers of Eastern Europe. After an adventure at the airport, they finally arrive in Georgia's capital, the walled city of Tbilisi, where exotic cultures and ancient religions have coexisted for centuries. The Georgian people have their own language and alphabet, and have kept their culture intact through their continuing struggle for independence and prosperity. Once a part of the silk route, the Georgian military highway climbs high into the Caucasus Mountains, the range that divides Europe and Asia. After following the winding road on a trip through time, Mark &Julie arrive at a modern resort where old soviet helicopters take adventurers to ski this remote, untouched terrain.
  5. $24.95 DVD Regions 1 & 2

    Item Code : GLOB17742

    Deep South - Travel Video.
    Globe Trekker Video. DVD Situated in the south east corner of the USA, the states of Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi are known as the Bible Belt, and are the home of the Civil Rights movement, the American Civil War, and the birthplace of the blues. Traveller Ian Wright goes trekking in the Great Smokey Mountains, before driving south to Atlanta, Georgia. He then catches the bus to Tuskegee, Alabama, and onto the idyllic beaches of the Gulf Shores. Along Highway 61, he passes through Vicksburg and Clarksdale, before ending his journey in Memphis, Tennessee. Along the way... Visit the birthplace of Martin Luther King Indulge in some comforting soul food Take a ride on the Memphis Queen, Mississippi's legendary steam boat Attend the annual re-enactment of the battle of Fort Morgan, the last battle of the Civil War Experience Elvis week in Memphis, an annual pilgrimage for thousands of "The Kings" fans
  6. $24.95 DVD All Regions

    Item Code : FNLY17740

    Atlanta Cyclorama: Battle of Atlanta - Travel Video.
    Finley-Holiday Films. DVD. All Regions The Atlanta Cyclorama, with its massive panoramic painting, diorama, and museum, will fascinate visitors who wish to re-live this epic of American history. Experience the entire Cyclorama program as we bring to life the Battle of Atlanta. THE STORY OF THE PAINTING Learn the fascinating story of the creation of the Cyclorama the world s largest painting! Hear about its construction, near-loss through decay and subsequent restoration. THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN Wartime black-and-white illustrations are used to describe events before and after the Battle, including Sherman's infamous March to the Sea and the heroic Confederate stand at Kennesaw Mountain on the outskirts of Atlanta THE MUSEUM Also covered is the celebrated locomotive "Texas," which participated in the Great Locomotive Chase and a tour of the Museum. The Cyclorama is owned and operated by the City of Atlanta, Office of Cultural Affairs. DVD SPECIAL FEATURES ? Details & Restoration ? Full Cyclorama Program ? Museum Tour ? DVD EXTRAS ? Cyclorama Quiz & Gallery ? Atlanta Campaign Video ? Kennesaw Mountain Video
  7. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : EQUI17739

    Georgia Coast - Travel Video.
    DVD. Equitrekking. 30 Minutes. On Georgia's Coast, Equitrekking's Emmy nominated host and equestrian travel expert Darley Newman experiences the thrill of beach riding on Sea Island, the wild horses of Cumberland Island, the hauntingly beautiful beaches of Jekyll Island and historic Savannah in an imported Viennese carriage. On Sea Island, viewers experience many people's dream of riding horses on the beach on a nature ride with naturalist Stacia Hendricks and try what the island native's call swim riding. On secluded Cumberland Island, Darley observes wild horses with naturalist Fred Whitehead. Whitehead has been living on Cumberland Island for over 25 years and has an intimate knowledge of herd dynamics, the history of horses on the island and how they survive in the subtropical environment. Darley stays at the island's only lodging, the historic Greyfield Inn and learns about the Carnegie family's role in the island's history. Next Darley visits Jekyll Island, where she rides through the remnants of an ancient maritime forest on Driftwood Beach. Darley strolls through the historic district to delve deeper into Jekyll's unique past. Emmy nominated host and producer Darley Newman takes viewers to the best destinations to go horseback riding, exploring with local people to learn about history, culture and stunning wildlife and natural surroundings. Experience equestrian travel as expert Darley takes you riding on the beaches of Southern Spain, in a northern California Redwood Forest, the rainforest in Costa Rica or through the lush, green countryside of Ireland. For both arm-chair travelers and those preparing to take their equestrian adventure, Equitrekking transports viewers to exotic destinations on this Emmy Award winning travel series.
  8. $29.95 DVD High Definition ~ All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : BENN17738

    Discoveries...America, Georgia.
    DVD. Exploration of Georgia starts in Savannah, one of the South's most gracious & hospitable communities. Highlights include parks, River Street, city market and fourth largest port facility in U.S. President Jimmy Carter grew up in Georgia, his boyhood community is a national historic district where visiting students learn how a small town farm boy grew up to become President. Once stocked as a game bird, wild Burmese chickens have taken a liking to downtown Fitzgerald. Loved & hated by residents, the exotic, beautiful birds are now a part of the community. In Hawkinsville, a horse training facility has been a boon to local community - harness racers now use the facilities. Sights from Atlanta include Centennial Park, Stone Mountain & the Cyclorama - the world's largest oil painting features "Battle of Atlanta" from the Civil War. The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, performs segments from "Mighty Bug" & "Rumplestiltskin" and meet the puppeteers that bring the characters to life. In the foothills of Appalachian Mountains, community of Dahlonega is where America's first gold rush occurred in 1829. Old mills still operate today and tours of the Consolidated Mine are popular. History of Cabbage Patch Kids is revealed in a visit to Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia. The community of Colquitt, has prospered & strengthened through its storytelling & local musical performances of Georgia's folk life play, "Swamp Gravy".

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