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Burma Travel Videos, DVD, Touring, Sightseeing, Vacation, Destination


 Burma Travel Videos, DVD


  1. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : CMOS492

    In Then Land Of Golden Pagodas (Burma) - Travel Video.
    DVD. Cosmos Global Documentaries. 52 Minutes. Myanmar is mysterious and full of fascinating sights and amazing temples. Formerly named Burma it certainly lives up to its reputation of being `The Land Of Golden Pagodas'. Its sacred buildings shine out in all their glory and although for many years a closed country today the beauty of its temples and splendid landscape attract a growing number of foreign tourists. Yangon, once named Rangoon by the British, is not only the capital of Myanmar but with four million inhabitants it is also the country's largest city and can be traced back to the fifth century. The Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the most important buildings in the religious life of the city's population. This sanctuary also attracts a large number of foreign tourists. Myanmar's national sanctuary is the city's main attraction and is also one of the most famous sacred buildings in the world. Four kilometers south of Bago is one of the city's oldest sanctuaries, the Kyaikpun Pagoda that was built in 1476 during the reign of King Dhammazedi. Four huge, thirty metre high Buddha statues sit back to back and gaze stoically at the four points of the compass. They represent the Gautama Buddha and his three predecessors Twante is an ancient pottery town. In large workshops beneath palm leaf roofs, the potter's wheel has turned from one century to next. The traditional working methods are reminiscent of a bygone time and Twante pottery is famous throughout Myanmar. In addition to the local fishing techniques Lake Inle's floating gardens are also quite unusual. An abundance of tomatoes, cucumbers and beans are grown in these unconventional gardens and the village of Kay La features yet another unique attraction, The Jumping Cat Monastery which became famous due to its performing cats that jump through various hoops. Myanmar is deservedly known as `The Land Of Golden Pagodas" as the beauty of its sacred old buildings is just a hint of the former magnificence of ancient Burma.
  2. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : 7DAY493

    Myanmar (Burma) - Travel Video.
    DVD. 7 Days. 52 Minutes. Myanmar is a land of golden pagodas in which rivers, paddy fields and Buddhism dominate the lives of this country's people, who are made up of a variety of ethnic groups. But behind the bamboo curtain is a sleepy fairy tale land. Yangon is a river city and the capital of Myanmar. It is surrounded by India, China, Laos and Thailand. Few cities in Asia boast such a fascinating m?l?e of tribes and cultures. It is a tranquil harmony of churches, pagodas, Hindu temples and mosques. The Chaukhtatkyi Pagoda contains one of the largest prone Buddha statues in the world. Its length makes up for its lack of artistry as it is 70 meters long! The Shan State Express is a sonorous name for a unique train that travels to the north of Myanmar and to the legendary kingdom of the Shan. The railroad travels in a zigzag up the mountains which enables it to negotiate severe slopes that would otherwise be impossible for it to climb vertically. It provides a fascinating insight into the culture and everyday life of the Shan people. The city of Pyin U Lwin, that is also known as Meymo, was once a British military base. Even today the city still has a certain air of nostalgia and passengers are offered various refreshments as the train journey normally takes more than twelve hours. Ox carts transport visitors to one of the most interesting buildings in Mingun, the Mingun Pagoda.It was designed to be the world's largest pagoda. Huge numbers of workers built this 72 meter wide and 50 meter high building. Bagan is the country's ancient capital city. Prior to visiting the largest area of Buddhist ruins in the world visitors can enjoy both traditional puppet shows and dance. Classical myth and legend make up this theatrical treat of which each puppeteer is responsible for up to sixty strings. Any journey through Myanmar is a journey into the past and to a hidden world of dreams and mystique. This gateway to paradise is slowly opening up and revealing a splendid land of bygone times!
  3. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : TMYS495

    Bagan - Travel Video.
    DVD. Terra Mystica. 26 Minutes. Bagan is a famous royal city in today's Myanmar that is full of myth and legend. In the days of the legendary Birman monarchy the metropolis covered an area of forty square kilometres and today the numerous majestic buildings of Bagan provide an unforgettable insight into its history. The development of the city was not only influenced by logical planning but was also designed according to religious and mystical ideals and was eventually built to reflect the structure of the Buddhist cosmos. The impressive temple complexes were designed to be a "paradise on earth", a place that lay between Earth and the realm of the gods. As the first Burmese kingdom expanded the former territories of the Mon Tribe were gradually conquered. However, militarily the Mon Tribe proved to be inferior to that of the rising realm of Bagan. The Burmese troops captured not only many precious cultural and religious treasures but also more than thirty thousand prisoners from the capital of the Mon Thaton. Almost the entire spiritual elite of the Mon were brought to Bagan and the captured monks, scholars, master builders, blacksmiths and stone masons soon determined the character of the Burmese capital. The city's temple ruins and sanctuaries are still worshipped in today and have a mystical appeal. Although archaeologists and historians have revealed much of the history of this fascinating metropolis it is likely that part of the splendid history of Bagan will remain a mystery forever.
  4. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL496

    Bagan - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. Bagan, located on the banks of the Ayeyarwady River in today's Myanmar, is a beautiful temple area although little remains of its early history. Close to Bagan's city walls is the majestic Ananda Pahto Temple that is dedicated to four Buddhas and was built at the end of the 11th century during the reign of King Kyanzittha. Situated on the river bank is what is believed to be Bagan's oldest pagoda, Bupaya. Its architecture indicates that it dates back to the time of the Pyu. According to legend both the construction of the unusual Manuha Paya and its name date back to a captured Mon King who, it is believed, gifted the building to the city. The Shweguyi Temple, the `Great Golden Cave', indicates the transition of the once prolific Mon style to the Burmese architecture that followed. In recent times these temples have attracted an increasing number of worshippers and there is no doubt that today they are among the world's most prized cultural treasures.
  5. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : ONTR497

    Inlay Lake (Exotic Boating Tour In Myanmar) - Travel Video.
    DVD. On Tour. 26 Minutes. The magical beauty of Inlay Lake has attracted and fascinated people since time immemorial and even today it is full of golden mystique and captivating allure. The Khaun Daing Hotel is an ideal starting point for various excursions on and around the lake. The hotel's accommodation includes a selection of land-based bungalows and also a range of comfortable bungalows situated on water. For those who wish to experience some of the local customs then one of the water bungalows is an absolute must. What could be more beautiful than to be woken up each morning by the rising sun and to witness the natural splendour of the lake from one's very own verandah? In recent years several Padaung families have also settled at Inlay Lake. This people has become famous for its Longnecked Women who wear striking, heavy spiral brass necklaces that press the nape of the neck downwards and gradually stretch it. Flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers and beans are cultivated on Lake Inlay's remarkable floating plantations and the Intha people have fully adapted themselves to life on the water. Built on stilts their villages are usually located close to their floating farmland. The spectacular Phaun-Daw-U Pagoda Festival is now one of Burma's most impressive cultural events and attracts a growing number of foreign visitors. The villagers of this region are known for their weaving skills and this traditional work of the Intha people can be seen at close hand. Lake Inlay in Myanmar is most assuredly a unique and natural world full of warmth and magnificent beauty.
  6. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : VSTA498

    Mandalay- Travel Video.
    DVD. Vista Point. 26 Minutes. Mandalay, `The City Of Art', is located within the centre of Myanmar, that was formerly known as Burma. It was founded in 1857 and up until the British conquered it in 1885 it was the capital of the kingdom of Burma. Two thousand four hundred years after the death of Buddha , King Mindon ordered the one hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants of Amarapura to relocate here. The well preserved Shwe Inbin Monastery is one of the last examples of the traditional monasteries whose splendour once made Mandalay famous. The complex has all the architectural elements of a typical Burmese monastery but it is its beautiful wood carvings that are the most striking. To the north of the city is the two hundred and thirty six metre high Mandalay Mountain that dominates the plains below. The tree covered mountain is dominated by the towers of many temples and as Buddha once lived on this mountain it is considered to be extremely sacred and thus contains several pagodas and shrines. Amarapura, the `Immortal City', is situated in the south. It was the first of the country's royal cities and today it is a small town in which its inhabitants earn their living from weaving. On the western hills are some of the most elegant and splendid monastery complexes such as the Umin Thonzeh Pagoda where forty five Buddha figures stand in a semi-circle, dignified and benign. Once known as the Centre Of The World and today the religious and financial centre of the region, Mandalay lies at the heart of Burmese culture.
  7. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL499

    Mingun - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. Most of the buildings in Thailand's historic village of Mingun date back to the ambitious plans of King Bodawpaya who was convinced that he was an exemplary Hindu-Buddhist sovereign and thus did not permit any criticism of his architectural ideas. An example of his great love of architecture is the elegant white statue of the Settawya Pagoda that was built in 1811. Shining bright white and magnificent, the Hsinbyume Pagoda is located in the northern part of Mingun. The temple was built by a grandchild of Bodawpaya in 1816. Three years prior to his reign, the king dedicated the sacred building to his deceased, favourite and highly religious wife, Hsinbyume. The outstanding architecture of the pagoda is closely associated with Hindu-Buddhist cosmology and therefore with Mount Meru, the `Centre of the World'. Seven wave-shaped terraces symbolize the mountains that surround Mount Meru and the Sulamani Palace that is located on its summit. However, Mingun is not only known for its impressive architecture: it is home to the world's heaviest bell that is six metres high and weighs more than 90 tons!
  8. $69.95 set of 6 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : QUES505

    Mystic Lands - Travel Videos.
    6-PK. Questar Video. DVD. 6 Hours. Come embark on an adventure of the soul. Academy Award nominee Edward James Olmos narrates this mesmerizing thirteen-part series that guides viewers on an epic journey to some of the world's most sacred places. Reverent, historically accurate, and beautifully photographed, Mystic Lands chronicles a diverse array of spiritual practices around the world, including the established monotheistic practices of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Viewers will also experience the spirit life of devout ancient cultures, such as the Inca, Maya, and the pantheon of Olympic gods, as well as the Theraveda Buddhist and Nat worship practices of Myanmar, Tantric Buddhism in Bhutan, Hinduism in Bali and India, Voodoo in Haiti, and the mysterious Dreamtime rituals of Australia's aboriginal people. Disc 1: Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon - Discover an ancient world of magic and mystery that is nearly untouched by the modern age. Greece: Isle of Revelation - In this land of great beauty, the gods of old are an integral part of the culture. Extra Feature: Series director Chip Duncan introduces this compelling exploration of faith, religion, natural creation myths and celebrations of life and death. Disc 2: Peru: Kingdom in the Clouds - Unearth secrets of an ancient nation among the ruins of Machu Picchu. Egypt: Cycle of Life - Lavish tombs are testament to the pharaohs' quest for immortality. Extra Feature: Series director Chip Duncan reflects on the inspiration behind Mystic Lands, and the challenges and rewards of creating the series. Disc 3: Myanmar (Burma): Triumph of the Spirit - Faith and quiet devotion are a way of life in this reclusive nation, once known as Burma, shackled by military dictatorship and depression. The Taj Mahal: Heaven on Earth - The symbol of intensely spiritual India is the Taj Mahal, considered by many to be "the most beautiful building in the world." Extra Feature: Series composer Chris Spheeris talks about opening his ears and heart to the indigenous music on the series' evocative soundtrack. Disc 4: Anasazi: The Ancient Ones - Through oral traditions and the discovery of crumbled cities and villages, the story of the Anasazi is only beginning to unfold in the North American southwest. Haiti: Dance of the Spirit - This provocative program reveals the truth behind the mystical practice of the religion, Voodoo. Disc 5: Bali: Isle of 1,000 Temples - Observe the sacred ceremonies and rites with which the Balinese honor the powerful forces they believe govern life. Australia: Dreamtime - Australia's aboriginal people have a spiritual bond with the land based on myths, legends, mystical rites and exotic ceremonies. Disc 6: Maya: Messages in Stone - This powerful episode unearths the grand ruins and spiritual beliefs of the Maya in Central America. Jerusalem: Mosaic of Faith - The holy city of Jerusalem is a spiritual crossroads for the devout, and a wellspring of all that is sacred to Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Varanasi: City of Light - This fascinating program explores beliefs, rituals and ceremonies observed in the Hindus' journey toward enlightenment.
  9. $24.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : WINS506

    Mystic Lands: Burma and Jerusalem - Travel Video.
    VHS/NTSC. "Burma: Triumph of the Spirit". From the stunning Schwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon to the haunting landscape of Bagan, where more than 2,500 pagodas lie in ruin, Burma is a land of beauty and devotion. Despite decades of a harsh military rule, the spiritual life of the Burmese endures, as do centuries-old-temples that cover the landscape. Followers provide daily offerings to thousands of Buddhist monks in Burma. These selfless acts of giving are one of the main tenets of Buddhism. Quiet devotion is an enduring way of life in the reclusive nation of Burma. "Jerusalem: Mosaic of Faith". Although Jerusalem may be a city of conflict, it is also the home of intense spiritual faith for three religions. It is considered a holy land by Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Torn down and rebuilt countless times in the name of God, Allah, and Yahweh, Jerusalem: Mosaic of Faith, chronicles this divided city. This episode explores each religion's claims on this ancient city of faith. 55 minutes.
  10. $39.95 set + $7.80 p&h or $16.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : QUES494

    Raising the Bamboo Curtain Collection: Vietnam, Burma, and Cambodia - Travel Video.
    2-Volume Set. VHS/NTSC. Martin Sheen narrates this 2-volume collection with a tour of Vietnam, Burma and Cambodia that focuses on the history and culture of these ancient, enduring civilizations and their developing state today. Although reminders of war are still evident, this is a story about the people, their culture, history, heritage and desire to move forward. Titles include: AWAKENING VIETNAM, EMERGING BURMA, and CAMBODIA. 60 minutes each.
  11. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : ONTR500

    Road From Mandalay (Mandalay To Pagan By Boat) - Travel Video.
    DVD. On Tour. 26 Minutes. Our journey on the legendary Ayeyarwady River travels from Mandalay to Bagan. In the heart of Myanmar is the city of Mandalay that has a population of around a million and is the centre of Burmese artistry. The teaching of Buddhism was given the utmost priority thus Mandalay was designed according to Buddhist tradition and the Mahamuni Pagoda is now one of Myanmar's main pilgrimage destinations. Mingun's Hsinbyume Pagoda became the architectural model for a number of further pagodas that were built at the beginning of the 19th century at the time of King Bagyidaw. The legendary Mingun bell that weighs around a hundred tons and is the heaviest bell in the world, dates back to his predecessor, King Bodwapaya. At the beginning of the 20th century the River Ayeyarwady boasted the largest fleet of steam boats in the world and even today a good number of them still remain. The importance of this river is highlighted by the many small temple buildings and sanctuaries that are situated along its river bank. Bagan has become well known for its overwhelming number of magnificent temple buildings that reflect the importance of the former kingdom.The most comfortable way to experience the wide spread sanctuaries of this first major Burmese city is to travel by ox carriage.Close to Nyaung U, the largest town on the Bagan Plains, the Shwezigon Pagoda once served as the inspiration of Burmese pagoda architecture. Temples, monasteries and a wonderful river, the journey from Mandalay to Bagan is a truly captivating and memorable experience.
  12. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL501

    Sagaing - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. On the opposite shore of the Ayeyarwady in the centre of Burma are the Sagaing Hills. The history of Sagaing dates back to the beginning of the 14th century when the royal city of Bagan fell and the city became the new capital of Burma. However, its importance as a centre of power was short-lived yet around fifty years later the newly founded Inwa became the capital of the Burmese Empire. More than seven hundred hilltop and valley monasteries have made Sagaing one of the world's most important centres of Buddhism. The Pa Ba Kyaung Monastery is situated on Sagaing's western hills and is surrounded by two elevations, a place of tranquillity and meditation. Peaceful and serene, the statues and Buddha images appear to stare into the very soul of all those who come here. It is not surprising that for nearly eight hundred years the region's pagodas have attracted the faithful as well as tourists from around the world.
  13. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : VSTA502

    Shan State - Travel Video.
    DVD. Vista Point. 26 Minutes. North of Burma's central plains is the exotic and fascinating Shan State, a beautiful landscape in South East Asia located on the eastern side of Myanmar. Once forty Shan monarchs ruled there but they lived in hostile times as Burmese kings and Chinese warlords fought against them to gain control of their fertile land. We begin our journey at Inlay Lake. The magical beauty of this body of water has attracted and fascinated people since time immemorial and this unique lake is home to the Intha people. The next leg of the journey leads to a far more tranquil section of the lake that features floating gardens that are around a hundred metres long and two metres wide and consist of a densely interwoven carpet of water hyancinths. Mandalay, `The City Of Art', is located in the centre of Shan State. It was founded in 1857 and up until the British conquered it in 1885 it was the capital of the kingdom of Burma. The Mahamuni Pagoda is the centre of worship and is also where the Mahamuni Buddha is kept, the country's most highly worshipped Buddha statue. Around twelve kilometres beyond Hsipaw is the legendary Bagyo Pagoda. Surrounded by a magnificent wall it is thought that the sanctuary is more than seven hundred years old. An important festival takes place each year around Tabaung, the time of the full moon in February and March, and is the highlight of the town's cultural calendar. The Shan people in the north of Myanmar have most certainly retained their cultural heritage and Shan State is an exotic combination of both nature and culture and a land of beauty and joie de vivre!
  14. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL503

    Shwedagon Pagoda (Shwedagon Zedi Daw) - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. For several centuries one of the world's greatest and most splendid sights has towered above the streets of Yangon. A total of four stairways that point toward the four cardinal points lead into Burma's national sanctuary, the legendary Shwedagon Pagoda. From the top of the hill there's a sixty thousand square metre high terrace with an amazing number of smaller stupas that surround the tallest central stupa. As with the three other stairways the southern entrance area of the Shwedagon Pagoda has its own temple that is dedicated to the Buddha, Konagamana. According to tradition, the Mon queen, Shin-Saw-Bu, was the first leader to have her body weight represented by gold which was duly donated to the improvement of the pagoda. Even though the sanctuary received only around forty-five kilograms of gold it was enough to decorate the entire pagoda. The main golden Stupa rises ninety-eight metres into the sky, its spire crowned by a golden ball that is decorated with over four thousand diamonds. Due to extensive renovation at the end of the twentieth century this fascinating temple shines out once again in all of its ancient splendour.
  15. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : VSTA504

    Yangon - Travel Video.
    DVD. Vista Point. 26 Minutes. Yangon is a river city and the capital of Myanmar. A country surrounded by India, China, Laos and Thailand with a fascinating m?l?e of tribes and cultures plus a tranquil harmony of churches, pagodas, Hindu temples and mosques. Here, contrast is all, and that makes Yangon unique! The Chaukhtatkyi Pagoda contains one of the largest prone Buddha statues in the world. Its length makes up for its lack of artistry as it is seventy metres long. Over six hundred monks live in the adjoining monastery that was founded in 1907 for the study of Buddhist scripts that are known as `Palikanums'. Three seasons determine the climate of this subtropical country: the cool of winter, the heat of summer and the monsoons when it rains for most of the afternoon and entire regions are flooded. But then follows the lush green sight of endless paddy fields. In Yangon the early morning is the best time to travel to the nearby city of Bago which was once the capital of the Second Burmese Realm. It was thought by Europeans to be the most magnificent city in the East, a fact highlighted by its many splendid monuments. The city of Yangon is like travelling back in time to the colonial days of British Rangoon and hopefully this fascinating city will continue to be a golden fairy tale behind a tantalizing bamboo curtain!

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