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Africa Travel Videos, DVD, Touring, Sightseeing, Vacation, Destination


 Africa Travel Videos, DVD


  1. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : AFSR21716

    Totems - Travel Video.
    DVD. African Secrets. 30 Minutes. Totems are symbols of identity represented by living things. One’s totem could be a buffalo, a sheep, a lion, an elephant, a leg (of any animal) or a heart (also of any animal). Consequently, one is supposed to revere one’s totem such that it is taboo to eat one’s totem or do anything that denigrates the supposedly sacred symbol. In olden days, any denigration of one’s totem was believed to invite dire consequences such as ill fortune, sickness and - in extreme cases - death. This episode of African Secrets seeks to unravel the mystery and myth behind totems through research and one-on-one interviews with cultural gurus and elderly members of society with in-depth knowledge of this age-old belief. The program explores the beliefs, superstitions and controversies associated with totems in the context of the prevailing socio-cultural environment. The story is told by a narrator linking the information gathered in research and the opinions of interviewees. It also gives brief profiles of certain animals or elements of nature from which some common totems are derived.
  2. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : AFSR21706

    The Nyau Ancient Dancers of Africa - Travel Video.
    DVD. African Secrets. 30 Minutes. This is the story of one of Africa’s oldest traditions - Nyau dancing. This ritual exercise, which originated in central Africa is steeped in myth and mystery. Its practitioners are accused of all sorts of things, ranging from cannibalism to vodooism. These stories are not quite dispelled by the fearsome apparition and energetic dances of these dancers, also known as Zvigure. In this episode, we got a rare chance to visit the peri-urban settlement of Epworth, where Nyau dancing is a common exercise. We were shown through the drumming, the singing, the dancing routines and the pre-dance rituals, which all added up to a mouth watering must-see video for all that want to discover Africa.
  3. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : WATL21660

    North Africa -Travel Video.
    DVD. The World Atlas. 51 Minutes. The Atlas steps into the digital age. A new one-of-a-kind World Atlas covering all parts of the globe with animated maps from Rand McNally and in-depth cultural and historical information. Each episode is dedicated to different countries, containing four distinct features - physical geography, political geography, popular locations, and thematic maps. The new digitally animated one-of-a-kind version of an Atlas of the World like you have never seen before!
  4. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : ONTR27

    Sahara Safari - Travel Video.
    DVD. On Tour. 26 Minutes. The Libyan area of the Sahara fascinates with its varied landscapes of lakes set amid desert dunes, ancient towns built of mud, camps with straw-covered circular huts, prehistoric rock paintings and amazing multi-shaped stone formations. For centuries, Ghadames, an oasis town. has been the junction of several caravan routes and thanks to the Mare Spring it has benefitted from a good supply of water. The houses were small but beautifully decorated and red-framed mirrors assist in the illumination of the main room. The uppermost floors were for women only and they could spend their day unveiled. Ancient Garma was once the capital of the Garamante Realm, one of the most powerful Berber realms in North Africa and the Sahara. Greek and Roman historians wrote much of the mighty tribe that lived in desert which at the height of its power controlled neighbouring tribes and among its arsenal included horse drawn chariots. The discovery of the Akakus rock paintings in 1850 was made by German explorer and scientist, Heinrich Barth. Protected by huge rocks and hidden in a tangled labyrinth of canyons, the rock paintings remained undiscovered for thousands of years. Nestling among the huge sand dunes of the Libyan Sahara is one of the most striking natural wonders on Earth, the Mandara Lakes. Some of the 11 lakes have dried out, such as that of the Mandara while others, like the Am Alma, are at their most impressive. Each lake is surrounded by a green belt in which reed and date palms create what is tantamount to being a biblical ambience. The Sahara, although scorching hot and untamed by Man, has shared with us its remarkable and memorable natural wonders!
  5. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : AFSR21695

    The Medicine Man - Travel Video.
    DVD. African Secrets. 30 Minutes. This is the story of traditional healing as practiced in the Shona tribes of Zimbabwe. It is centred on Tichaona Svosve, a spirit medium, who uses ancestral spirits to conjure up remedies for his patients. The viewer will savour the myths and facts presented in this programme. The drama surrounding Svosve’s possession by the ancestral spirits boggles the mind. The animated spasms that characterise the healer’s transition from the living world to the world of the dead and the controversy surrounding this practice is worth discovering. Besides the spiritual rituals involved in some forms of traditional healing, this episode also relates the use of herbal medicine in the country to support the widely used clinical medicine. The witchdoctor’s procedures are interlinked with interviews to tell this mysterious story of healing and the administration of all forms of traditional healing in the Southern African country.
  6. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : WDST28

    Seychelles - Travel Video.
    DVD. World Destinations. 27 Minutes. Anchored 1,000 miles off the cost of East Africa, these islands inspire tranquility within natural wanders.
  7. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : AFSR21707

    Victoria Falls - Travel Video.
    DVD. African Secrets. 30 Minutes. This is a typical tourist video on the magical Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. It affords the viewer a close-to-real view of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. This program shows the falls from the air, from the edge, from both the Zimbabwe and the Zambia sides. The viewer is invited to discover this great wonder of creation. This episode shows the various fun and games to be experienced by those visiting the Falls. Bungee jumping, gorge swing, white water rafting, canoeing and flying fox are some forms of entertainment available to visitors - and all this is amply captured in the program. The episode also affords a view of the Victoria Falls town and its various pleasures. It describes the history of the town and the modern hotels and pleasure spots available to visitors. Casino, Makishi dancers, sunset and game viewing are some of the pleasures to be had from the comfort of the majestic hotels and lodges in the area.
  8. $59.95 set of 3 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : PBSV31

    Wonders Of The African World - Travel Video - VHS.
    PBS Home Video. 3-Volume Set. Set out on an expedition with one of the country's most revered intellectuals Henry Louis Gates, Jr. as he traces the roots of 20th-century Africa. Travelling by land and sea, he's on a mission to locate legendary towns and palace ruins unearthing the often disturbing truths in modern cities and suburbs. Into the Sudanese desert he begins at the pyramids of Giza and travels through Aswan, Jebel Barkal and Kerma to dig up the dirt on 4,000-year-old remains. Through Kenya and Tanzania he goes, stopping to explore the Swahili culture, finding descendants from medieval Persian mariners along the way. Through Ghana and Benin he unravels the truth behind slave trade. While in search of the lost Ark of the Covenant, Gates discovers mummified bodies of Ethiopia's kings. That's not all! On a quest to fulfill his childhood dream to find Timbuktu's books, he finds more surprises. Visit with some of the most fascinating people, tour magnificent ancient cities and gain powerful new perspectives on some of the most colorful cultures rich in history. 360 minutes ( = 6 hours) Nominated for NAACP Image Award: Outstanding News, Talk or Information Special and Outstanding Literary Work, non-fiction.

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