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Spanish Language Video Course, For Independent Travellers

Spanish Video Courses

  1. $399.95 set of 8 videos & 15 audio CD Discs + $24.50 p & h (big set!) or $48.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : HBLA4274

    ?Habla! ~ Spanish VIDEO Tutor.
    ?Habla!? Complete Audio and Video Spanish Language Program Our finest Spanish course! ?Habla!? offers you a unique, comprehensive program on eight 90 minute videos, 15 audio CD discs, 4 workbooks, and a bonus Lonely Planet Spanish language phrasebook. You will not find this variety, quality, and quantity of materials anywhere else, an excellent value on a complete Spanish language lab. About ?Habla!? Winner - Siva 1994 Best Instructional Video Award. This award-winning tele course program features eight 90 minute videos, 15 audio CD discs, 4 workbooks, and a bonus Lonely Planet phrasebook. This is certainly the most user-friendly and comprehensive course to learn Spanish ever. In each learning episode, the viewer "graduates" from Spanish that is spoken s-l-o-w-l-y and repeated, to faster natural Spanish. Sentences appear on-screen so you not only hear Spanish you can understand, you see Spanish you can understand--reinforcing the learning process. Produced in conjunction with Mexico's premier language school, ?Habla!?'s approach is as close as you can come to an in-country total immersion course. Your teachers are expert native Spanish language speakers, not American professors! Filmed on location in Mexico, ?Habla!? brings you authentic Latin American experiences, "Culture Capsules" and social situations that spice up your learning and dramatically increase your retention. You watch, listen, respond, and repeat as often as you wish. Learning at your own pace is easy thanks to pause-rewind-replay on your VCR! You can learn faster and more completely with ?Habla!? than with any book or cassette course. You will see, hear, repeat and learn with ?Habla!? the same way you learned English as a child. The included tapes allow you to reinforce what you learned on the video. The 4 workbooks that come with ?Habla!? are packed with multiple practice exercises, vocabulary, and all the material on the videos. We have tested ?Habla!? and found it the best video and audio program on the market. Key Features ~ $_$_START_LIST ? 12 hours of video, 15 hours of audio, and 1,000 pages of text! ? ?Habla!? was designed by the Cuernavaca Language School, a quality Spanish language academy ? Latin American Spanish is spoken with a variety of accents from professional to casual ? Video and audio work together to teach you quickly and effectively ? Each unit has a section on Latin American culture which is interesting and informative ? Modismos Modernos- this course teaches many idiomatic phrases that are necessary if you want to speak like a native. $_$_END_LIST ?Habla!? Complete Video Tape Program Reviews and Customer Comments ~ "The most comprehensive Spanish language instruction course that we've seen to date? the library looking for a full scale Spanish language learning program will find it here. Highly recommended ." - Video Librarian "This comprehensive course will work well for independent learners. Highly recommended." - Library Journal "Offscreen commentary guides students through action on-screen to pertinent sections in the tapes and workbooks and also gives helpful hints on translation, grammar, and culture. This well done course is recommended for viewers wishing to learn basic Spanish at there own pace. A definite plus is that many Spanish accents are heard." -Booklist "We've used it with several of our employees. I like the text on the screen, it makes the lesson clear. It makes learning a whole lot faster. The price is right. With Habla you get a whole lot more for the money. The quality and the content is wonderful? I recommend it." - Larry Ellis, President Softlight Inc. Aurora, Colorado "It's especially helpful because it's paced to your own speed and level and you can replay it. Compared to audio tapes from other companies it's a snap! The pace and clarity of sound is so excellent. It seems like real life?a lot of thought was put into meeting the needs of someone who is not proficient."- Kathy McCormick, Public Health Nurse, Round Rock, Texas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "You'll love this course. It really works! I guarantee it." Arthur Lynn

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