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Melanesian Language Course, Learn, Speak, Instruction


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    Item Code : HIPP3914

    Neo-Melanesian-English, Concise Dictionary (New Guinea Pidgin English).
    Hippocrene Books. 116 pages. Includes 1,900 entries. Spoken primarily in eastern New Guinea and nearby islands, the New Guinea Pidgin language--also called Neo-Melanesian--is one of the most important forms of Pidgin in use today. It contains several dialects, and many words are specific to certain regions; this dictionary collects all universally used vocabulary, and is an especially valuable tool for those first learning the language. The reader can rest assured that the words contained within will be understood by all speakers of Neo-Melanesian, regardless of individual dialect. 1,900 entries. Origins of all words listed. History of the language. Concise pronunciation guide.
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    Lonely Planet Publications.
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    University of Hawaii Press. 384 pages. Includes illustrations and maps.

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