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Chilenismos Language Course, Audio CD, Learn, Speak


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    Chilenismos Dictionary and Phrasebook.
    Size 4"x7?". 185 pages. Softcover. Although Castilian Spanish is the official language of Chile, this South American nation is known for having a great number of words and phrases that are distinct from other Spanish-speaking countries. In fact, the Spanish spoken in Chile is often indecipherable even to native speakers of Castilian Spanish. For example, only in Chile would you say: "Est?n cayendo los patos asados" (Roast ducks are falling) when the weather is hot. * This dictionary and phrasebook prepares tourists, businesspeople, and anyone spending time in Chile for such idiosyncrasies. * Historical and cultural information on the Chilean "dialect" * An explanation of grammar and distinctive speech patterns * Useful sections on Anglicisms, food & dining, and travel * More than 1,500 Chilenismos words and expressions
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