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  1. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : DOUG2898

    Great Wonders Of The World - Travel Video - DVD.
    A Doug Jones Travelog. 85 Minutes. Welcome to the Wonders of the World! The Pyramids - The Taj Mahal - Royal Palace of Bangkok - Kamakura Buddha - The Eiffel Tower - The Colosseum - Big Ben - Volcanoes of Hawaii - Glaciers of Alaska - The Grand Canyon - The Panama Canal and More! Join Doug Jones, one of America's premier travelog producers, on a whirlwind journey around the world to see the great sights. Marvel at the oldest and the newest examples of man's imagination and nature's grandeur. See the Pyramids, the Colosseum, Big Bed and the Eiffel Tower. Explore great natural wonders from the Grand Canyon to Ayres Rock to the Glaciers of Alaska. Ride a gondola down the Grand Canal of Venice, watch the QE2 transit the Panama Canal, see the Christ the Redeemer Statue towering over Rio de Janeiro, watch exploding volcanoes in Hawaii, wander through the gardens of Singapore, sail through Milford Sound in New Zealand, marvel at the Kamakura Buddha in Japan, the Royal Palace of Bangkok, the Temple of the Tooth in Sri Lanka plus much, much more! Six continents and 50,000 miles of exciting travel to the four corners of the globe await you in this visual extravaganza as Doug Jones takes you on a journey you will never forget. From the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, to the animal preserves in Africa, from the treasures of King Tut in Egypt to the natural Arches of Utah, this video shows the truly GREAT WONDERS OF THE WORLD.
  2. $49.95 DVD + $8.50 p&h or $18.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : READ2896

    Must See Places of the World - Travel Video - DVD.
    14 Hours. From historic landmarks to off-beaten path discoveries, you would need several lifetimes to see all the magnificent places and natural wonders included in this lavish box set. Here is your passport to the world's most memorable destinations as captured by Reader's Digest's team of the world's best travel filmmakers. Each adventure-packed program captures the visual magnificence of each destination, explores its history, and shares its stories. Now you are ready for the journeys of a lifetime that you can take anytime! Disc 1: Must-See Places: Magnificent Planet/Marvels of Mankind - The world's most seasoned travel editors selected this once-in-a-lifetime itinerary of the world's most spectacular places. Your awe-inspiring journey includes the Sahara Desert, Victoria Falls, the Grand Canyon, Banff National Park, the Amazon Rainforest, the Pyramids of Giza, the Taj Mahal, and Petra in Jordan. Disc 2: Must-See Places: Wildlife Treasures - This awe-inspiring program captures the planet's most wondrous creatures in their natural habitats, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Giant Panda, and the dazzlingly diverse marine creatures that inhabit Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Disc 3: Journey's of a Lifetime - This three-part program embarks on the global odyssey of your dreams. Experience the world's most spectacular places and wondrous sights, each at the ideal time of year. Your itinerary includes Kenya's wild savannah, the Great Wall of China, the lost city of Petra, the Grand Canyon, Jerusalem on Easter morning, and New England in autumn. Disc 4: Australia the Beautiful - Thrill to the rare, remote, and exotic wonders of Australia! From misty forests to canyons that conceal secrets from the age of dinosaurs, this three-part program captures all of Australia's dazzling wildlife and glorious landscapes few visitors are privileged to see. Disc 5: Mysteries of the Ancient World - How were the pyramids constructed? What is the truth behind King Arthur and Camelot? What was the mysterious tribe of 4,000-year-old mummies discovered in the Taklamakan desert? These and other fascinating mysteries are explored in this captivating three-part program that takes a fresh look at some of history's oldest and most baffling mysteries. Disc 6: Scenic Cruises of the World - Set sail on a dream cruise around the world's most dramatic coastlines to more than twenty countries, islands, and other dramatically varied locations. This three-part series makes unforgettable stops at Nova Scotia, the Mayan ruins of Guatemala, the Panama Canal, Big Sur, and Alaska, and much more.
  3. $69.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide + $8.80 p&h or $18.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : READ2895

    Journeys of a Lifetime - Travel Video - Boxed Set - DVD.
    13 Hours. Disc # 1: Journey of a Lifetime - Embark on the global odyssey of your dreams. Imagine taking an entire year to travel around the world, experiencing its most spectacular places, each at the ideal time of year. Luxuriant coastlines, glowing deserts, wild and untamed places, and vibrant, sophisticated cities await you in a global odyssey as thrilling, thought provoking and wondrous as the world itself. These three magnificent programs make up this DVD: Africa and Asia - Africa's wildebeest migration Kenya's wild savannah, and Victoria Falls' tumbling waters A steam train ride up India's Nilgiris Mountains A close encounter with the rare Bengal tiger in the hot deserts of Rajasthan The Buddhist festival at Gasa Dzong deep in the Himalayas China's Great Wall and Beijing Europe and the Middle East - New Year's Eve in Paris Lapland's stunning Northern Lights Carnival in Venice; Egypt's awe-inspiring tombs Easter morning in Jerusalem The Lost City of Petra's archaeological splendors Australia to the Americas - The Great Barrier Reef in Australia Hawaii's volcanoes The Grand Canyon by mule and the Colorado River by white water raft The savage and untamed Andes New England's autumn display Christmas in New York Disc # 2: Australia the Beautiful - Experience all of Australia's dramatic contrasts: from ancient, misty forests to canyons that conceal secrets from the age of dinosaurs, from pristine lakes to majestic peaks and from sophisticated cities to some of the world's greatest wilderness areas. Enjoy dazzling wildlife and glorious landscapes few visitors are privileged to see. These three magnificent programs make up this DVD: Treasures of the Coast - The Great Barrier Reef's colorful coral Daintree's mist-shrouded mountains and crystal creeks Lord Howe Island's rich wildlife Shark Bay, where the searing desert meets the Aquamarine Indian Ocean Riches of Deserts and Wetlands - Kings Canyon's oasis of rare plants The majestic Flinders Ranges Magical Lake Eyre's thousands of water birds Ancient Kakadu's thundering waterfalls and Aboriginal rock art Marvels of the Mountains - The Australian Alps' stunning snow-covered peaks and wooded valleys The Blue Mountains' vast wilderness Tasmania's awe-inspiring jagged peaks and glacial lakes Lamington's primeval rainforest Disc # 3: Mysteries of the Ancient World - Unlock history's oldest secrets. How were the Pyramids constructed? Who were the mysterious four-thousand-year-old blonde mummies discovered in the Taklamakan desert? What is the truth behind the legend of King Arthur and Camelot? These and other captivating questions are explored in this fascinating three-part series that takes a fresh look at some of history's oldest and most baffling mysteries. Join explorers, scholars, adventurers and archaeologists as they search for long-buried clues and missing pieces to the puzzle of history. These three magnificent programs make up this DVD: Mysteries of Europe and the Mediterranean: Myths and Legends - Unravel the meaning of Egyptian hieroglyphics Uncover fresh and vital clues to the original purpose of Stonehenge Shed new light on the ancient, mythical Minoan civilization Mysteries of the Orient: Ancient Journeys - Follow the celebrated Silk Road across the Orient Discover why the ancient Anatolian city of Catal Hoyuk was so mysteriously prosperous Reconstruct the desert city of Petra's complex and secret underground water system Mysteries of the Americas: Vanished Civilizations - Seek out the lost cities of the Incas Discover the remarkable story behind the collapse of the Mayan civilization Learn the startling truth about human sacrifice among the Moche people Disc # 4: Scenic Cruises of the World - Set sail in search of unique places and peoples. Take a dream cruise around the world's most dramatic coastlines to more than twenty countries, islands, and other dramatically varied locations. Unforgettable histories, mysteries and excitement await as you visit at your leisure majestic, romantic, and exotic lands that continue to fire the imaginations of seafarers and world travelers. Experience a kaleidoscope of different cultures, savor timeless pleasures and meet the locals. These three magnificent programs make up this DVD: Majestic Americas - The stunning landscapes of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton The sunny beaches, lush forests and volcanic mountains of the Caribbean The Mayan ruins of Guatemala The Panama Canal The "eighth wonder of the world" Big Sur's spectacular coastline Alaska's untamed wilderness Romantic Europe - Norway's beautiful fjords and bustling colorful ports Scotland's legendary lochs and haunting glens The Rhine's magical castles and medieval cities France's glittering Loire and Rhone rivers Lisbon, city of contrasts; Gibraltar's hidden caves Greece's volcanic beaches The Nile, the sacred river of Egypt Exotic Islands - Chile's wild coast of Tierra del Fuego and legendary pampas Easter Island's mysterious Rapa Nui statues Tahiti's pristine paradise New Zealand's towering mountains, green forests, and vibrant cities Australia's lush rainforests and harsh outback Fiji's emerald seas and quaint villages Hawaii's awesome surf Disc # 5: Ancient Splendors - Take a world tour of the wonders, mysteries and achievements wrought by civilizations long ago. See the Temples of Egypt, the Lost City of the Maya, the Acropolis of Ancient Greece, and Angkor Wat. Disc # 6: Imperial Splendors - See rare and beautiful monuments of powerful empires and splendid courts. Ponder the bittersweet reminders of those who once conquered, ruled and flourished. Experience such sites as Xanadu, the Forbidden City, Alhambra, Summer Palace, and Neuschwanstein.

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