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Ukraine Travel Videos, DVD, Touring, Sightseeing, Vacation, Destination


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    Ukraine - Travel Video.  DVD.  Globe Trekker.
    Ukraine is an off-beat destination for most travelers, including Holly Morris, who nonetheless, dives right into her Globe Trekker journey to discover plenty of unexpected charms, cultural curiosities, and historical perspectives that range from fun to deeply haunting. Her itinerary cuts a wide circular swath through the country. She begins in Lviv, home to a uniquely condensed collection of stunning Renaissance and Baroque architecture and modern extreme-themed cafes and restaurants. Next, she travels through the Carpathian Mountains for a taste of the unique culture and traditions of the local mountain people. Moving on through the vast plains of central Ukraine, Holly visits Uman to witness the annual pilgrimage of Hassidic Jews to the burial site of Rabbi Nachman. She visits a cold war era missile base in Pervamaisk before visiting the semi-autonomous region, Crimea. A long time favorite vacation spot for Russians, she visits Livadia Palace, Czar Nicholas II summer home samples spa treatments at a Soviet-era "sanatorium". Holly’s last stop in Crimea is near the port of Sevastopol to meet up with history buffs that recreate the first battle of the 1854 Crimean War. Her journey ends in the modern capital Kiev, but not before a day trip to the 30 kilometer Chernobyl exclusion zone.

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