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Samoa Travel Videos, DVD, Touring, Sightseeing, Vacation, Destination


  1. $39.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : ENCR2190

    Adventures In Western Polynesia - Travel Video.
    VHS/NTSC. Encounter Video. 80 Minutes. Paradise awaits in the beautiful South Pacific, where your hosts, Craig and Kathleen Myers, take you on an unforgettable voyage across the globe to remote tropical islands and offbeat adventures. Exotic TONGA -- An ancient kingdom renowned for beautiful scenery with a unique authentic culture. $_$_START_LIST ? Visit the last wooden royal palace still in use, and attend a rugby match with the king. ? Explore tropical gardens, spot wildlife, and see beautiful blowholes at sunset. ? ? Fly to the spectacular Vav's Islands and marvel at fantastic underwater scenery. $_$_END_LIST Tiny TUVALU -- At the crossroads of Micronesia, this new nation may be the thinnest on Earth. $_$_START_LIST ? Sample an authentic feast with a song and dance contest, and try , the national drink. ? Venture across the lagoon to Funafala, where a pink sand beach and an interesting shipwreck await. $_$_END_LIST Rugged AMERICAN SAMOA -- The only part of the USA south of the equator, has an unspoiled culture all its own. $_$_START_LIST ? Learn the ancient legends about their spectacular rock formations on a circle island tour. ? Sail to the dangerous island of Aunu'u, where red quicksand, rough roads, and troubled waters await you. $_$_END_LIST Remote TOKELAU -- A mystery to most, these islands may soon slip underwater. So see that all in this, the ONLY made in their three beautiful unspoiled tropical atolls. $_$_START_LIST ? Meet the world's only swimming pigs, dine at a traditional feast, and behold radian turquoise lagoons. ? Set sail for gorgeous Nukunonu, learn their customs, and meet the High Chief, the Ulu of Tokelau. $_$_END_LIST Beautiful WESTERN SAMOA -- God has gifted these friendly people with a peaceful society, fertile land, and stunning scenery. $_$_START_LIST ? Tour Vailima, near the capital, the last home of Robert Louis Stevenson. ? Behold nature's strangest event: the swarming and rising of the palolo. ? Admire underwater sealife, natural waterslides, pretty scenery, palm-fringed beaches, and breath-taking waterfalls. 80 minutes $_$_END_LIST
  2. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : CDEN2187

    The Samoa Jewels of the Pacific - Travel Video.
    DVD. Client Denn Digital Camera. 75 Minutes. The South Pacific has long been thought of as the perfect escape, paradise on earth. For many, including Robert Louis Stevenson, paradise was narrowed down to Samoa. The Samoan Islands are jewels of extraordinary beauty;magnificent beaches, turquoise lagoons, swaying palm trees, lush vegetation and fragrant blooms. " Talofa Lava" is the Samoan's welcome. It includes you in their world, in their culture, in their way of life, rich with old traditions and yet in time with the modern world. The majority of Samoans are full blooded Polynesians who, guided only by the stars, sailed and populated the Pacific over 2,000 years ago. Samoa is regarded as the " Cradle of Polynesia". American Samoa boasts six inhabited islands and Western Samoa four;the islands enjoy an even, tropical climate and are quite diverse. Deep harbors, rivers, waterfalls, lush vegetation and stark lava flows give way to incredible lagoons and white sand beaches. Resorts are plentiful, from five stars to secluded beach bungalows called fales. ? Pago Pago, harbor, city buses, a legendary spot ? Nine shipwrecks in a secure harbor ? Nights fishing by torch, net fishing by day ? Village life, kids, flowers and coconut tree climbing ? Sven Ortquist, a carver extraordinaire ? Miss Samoa makes Siapu and traditional Kava ? Vaitia Village, life by the sea, and underwater excursion ? A police band, lava lava skirts and marching precision ? Matai entitlement, the peerage of Samoa ? Sunday Church, Umu Kai (cooking Samoan Style) ? Fishermen with outriggers and nets ? Utuali school, kids, fun and dance ? Mountains, waterfall, ferns and a coconut plantation ? Tombs of kings, Robert Louis Stevenson (Tusitala -teller of tales) ? Coastal views, a waterfall into the ocean, water spouts The promise is here to experience. From Pago Pago's deep, secure harbor, across blue lagoons and coral beaches to mountain waterfalls. Between are the people;happy, friendly, traditional, and proud of their heritage. The Samoas come alive in Clint Denn's "The Samoas Jewels of the Pacific".
  3. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : CLES2186

    Samoa - Travel Video.
    DVD. Countries Less Traveled. 30 Minutes. Samoa consists of two major islands. Western Samoa is inhabited by a very proud race of people who don't particularly like Westerners so tourism is not really encouraged. Catherine and John try to understand Fa Samoa, the source of intense pride in their culture. They visit Robert Louis Stevenson's house. They witness the Samoan art of tattooing, covering most of body. Charlie is of chiefly caste. He introduces us to Samoan culture and finds the most beautiful seascapes - the sort of sights that shape our image of the South Pacific.
  4. $24.95 DVD Region 1 & 2

    Item Code : GLOB2185

    Tahiti & Samoa - Travel Video.
    DVD. Globe Trekker Video. The 118 islands of French Polynesia are specks in the vast Pacific Ocean. Explorers and pirates came here looking for treasure, but found white sand, palm trees and hula girls. A mix of French culture and Pacific charm, French Polynesia is one of the world's dream tourist destinations. Traveler Ian Wright starts his journey on the legendary island of Bora Bora before flying to Tahiti. From there he heads to the remote outer islands of Tubuai and Rangiroa and then west to independent Samoa. After a stopover in Moorea he ends his journey back in Tahiti at the top of Mount Aorai. Along the Way... $_$_START_LIST ? Judge the Mr. Tahiti contest. ? Take part in a Tahitian wedding. ? Swim with stingrays in Bora Bora. ? Reenact Mutiny on the Bounty on Tubuai Island. ? Visit Robert Louis Stevenson's home in Samoa, the inspiration for his famous Treasure Island. $_$_END_LIST

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