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Denmark Travel Videos, DVD, Touring, Sightseeing, Vacation, Destination


 Denmark Travel Videos, DVD


  1. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : WDST799

    Denmark - Travel Video.
    DVD. World Destinations. 27 Minutes. This is a land of centuries-old farms, vast tracts of woodland with hundreds of market towns, and country villages.
  2. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : VSTA803

    Copenhagen Denmark - Travel Video.
    DVD. Vista Point. 26 Minutes. Copenhagen is the capital of the Kingdom of Denmark and is situated on the east coast of S?land Island on the ?resund, the link between the North Sea and the Baltic. It is a European capital of culture, home country of the Little Mermaid and a successful combination of Scandinavian elegance and Middle-European joie de vivre. In 1167 Bishop Absalon Of Roskilde was granted by King Valdemar an area of land on ?resund to which the small settlement of Havn also belonged. For the protection of both fishermen and traders he built a fortress and the settlement developed into Kobmandshavn, the Harbour Of The Traders. Copenhagen was born and the fortress was continuously enlarged until in 1376 a castle was built on its foundation. The huge Christiansborg Slot extends across the larger part of Slotsholmen, Castle Island and it has been Denmark's power base for hundreds of years. The huge statue in the square features King Frederik The 7th on horseback, a monarch known in Danish history as the `King Of Democracy'. Each day crowds of people make for Copenhagen's world famous landmark, The Little Mermaid, created by artist Edward Eriksen. Tiny and elegant and seated on a stone she gazes yearningly across the sea oblivious to the city's hustle and bustle. The Rundet?rn is an unusual building that was built at the command of the Renaissance king, Christian The Fourth. Its circular tower is thirty-six metres high and has a diameter of fifteen metres. In place of a conventional stairway royal architects Hans and Morten Van Steenwinkel constructed a winding two hundred and nine metre long ramp. Thus the somewhat rotund king was able to travel without difficulty by carriage to the astrological observatory at the top! Copenhagen is a friendly metropolis in which tolerance and openness are the order of the day, a `City On The Sea' that fascinates all who experience it.
  3. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : MLAB804

    Copenhagen - Travel Video.
    DVD. Media Lab. 60 Minutes Copenhagen is one of the most exciting cities in Northern Europe. Situated at the Oresund close to Sweden, it played a major role in trading throughout the centuries in Northern Europe. Thus a lot of cultural buildings can be visited, witnessing the importance of this city. It is also a place of castles. Three major castles had been built in the centre of Copenhagen. It is also a city for cyclists, nowhere in Europe is there a greater net of cycling paths than in this city.Of course, there are the canals which have the special flair Copenhagen is known for.
  4. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : ALTR806

    Copenhagen (2006) - Travel Video.
    DVD. Alternate Routes. 30 Minutes. An Aussie and an American check out this amazing city that is high on every backpacker's lists of destinations. A tour of the Carlsberg brewery where the beer doesn't stop flowing, a trip to the alternative society of Christiania and endless biking around town highlights their stay. Experience the rush of traveling the world for the first time with a crew of international back-packers, ages 16 - 22 on their quest for adventure, romance and the perfect moment. A variety of hosts from around the globe and the young people they hook up with on location are relentless in their pursuit of fun (and don't forget that culture, mate!) American girls explore Rome, Brits take on Thailand and things get wild when the Aussie's arrive in Copenhagen. Five continents, Unlimited Adventure. Take the alternate route, dude.
  5. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL807

    Frederiks Church (Frederiks Kirke) Denmark - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. In the middle of the 18th century King Frederik ordered the construction of the Frederiks Kirke in the heart of Copenhagen. Around the dome's massive external balustrade there are various statues dedicated to a number of important church leaders including Moses and Martin Luther. With a diameter of over thirty one metres the Baroque dome of the Frederiks Kirke is the third largest of its kind in the world and was originally modelled on London's Saint Paul's Cathedral and also Saint Peter's in Rome. But in spite of its beautiful Neo-Classical appearance and numerous splendid sculptures, the final result turned out to be far smaller than originally hoped for by King Frederik The Fifth. However, as the church and its prominent dome blends so harmoniously with the historical townscape of Copenhagen its present day dimensions have proven to be ideal for its surroundings. The majestic dome of the Frederiks Kirke highlights the architectural importance of this fascinating building as being the largest church of its kind in Scandinavia.
  6. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : MLAB808

    Jutland Denmark - Travel Video.
    DVD. Media Lab. 60 Minutes. Jutland is the most visited destination in Denmark, because it is one of the most diverse areas for recreation. Here you can visit marvelous beaches including the widest beach in Europe. The Vikings played an important part in Denmark's history, which can be seen in many museums dedicated to them. Historically interesting are a number of castles, including Gammel Estrup and Voergaard Castle. And everybody knows Lego, the wonderful toy that has amazed generations of people. View LEGO marvels at "miniature world". Jutland offers something for everyone.
  7. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL809

    Rosenborg Castle (Rosenborg Slot Kobenhavn) Denmark - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. Due to its magnificent architecture and wonderful park, Copenhagen's Rosenborg Slot is a fairytale-like castle. It has also enjoyed a long tradition as a museum and since 1838 various collections belonging to the Danish royal family have been exhibited within its walls. For more than a hundred and fifty years the rooms and halls of the castle, such as the study of King Christian The Fourth, have been open to the public. Today a walk through the rooms of Rosenborg Slot is tantamount to stepping in the footsteps of the Danish royal family. The transformation of the castle into a museum took place in the 19th century. The idyllic royal gardens of Kongens Have are in pleasant contrast to the dominant and historical splendour of the castle. Along with its park, Rosenborg Slot is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Copenhagen.
  8. $39.95 DVD

    Item Code : GLOB810

    Ultimate Scandinavia - Travel Video.
    DVD. Globe Trekker. In this Ultimate Double DVD guide to Scandinavia, Megan McCormick, Ian Wright and Neil Gibson explore Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lapland, Finland and the Baltic States. Featuring the Globe Trekker programmes... Denmark and Sweden - Megan McCormick explores Copenhagen, taking in the city's sights, enjoying a traditional Viking festival and hanging out in Christiania, Europe's largest commune located in the heart of the capital. A drive across the Oresund Bridge brings Megan to Sweden and Lars Wiilks self proclaimed country Ladonia, home to the monumental sculpture Nimis. She visits Tvarno to get a taste of the Swedish countryside and ends her journey in Stockholm getting acquainted with Swedish icons, Alfred Nobel, ABBA and tennis legend Bjorn Borg. Norway and Lapland. Finland and the Baltic States. Plus additional bonus footage... Planet Food Scandinavia - The producers of Globe Trekker and presenter Merilees Parker takes you on a culinary tour of Sweden and Denmark to learn how the region's unique cuisine has developed over the centuries. Trekking in Lapland.
  9. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : QUES811

    Rudy Maxa's: Europe to the Max - Wondrous Europe: Denmark, Sweden & Holland - Travel Video.
    DVD. 131 Minutes. Join Rudy Maxa in the wondrous kingdom of legend and fairy tale - Denmark, where Vikings plundered and Hans Christian Anderson spun timeless children's stories. Sweden's luxuriant landscapes and Norway's grand panoramas prove irresistible to adventurers. Finally, from windmills in Holland to underground ancient Etruscan tombs in Tuscany, Rudy is your guide to Europe's dazzling getaways, each with its own unique charms. DVD Extra Features: Scenic Tours: Karen Blixey Museum, Skansen Park, Euju-Bygdeton, Europe's great getaways, Renaissance Europe. Maps: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Vienna, Salzburg, Provence, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Amsterdam. Rudy's Travel Tips: Overcoming jet lag, Internet car rental, airfare deal strategies. Bonus Program: Renaissance Europe. Rudy Maxa is public radio's original Savvy Traveler, a contributing editor for National Geographic Traveler magazine, and host of the American Public Television series--Smart Travels. In Europe to the Max, Rudy captures the vitality and character of Europe's magnificent cities. Lushly filmed in high-definition, each program goes beyond the guidebooks to discover hidden treasures and off-the-beaten-path surprises. Rudy's authoritative tips enhance the travel experience for beginning and seasoned travelers alike.
  10. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL805

    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is rich in tradition and a cultural metropolis Many of the city's royal residences such as Christiansborg Slot on Slotsholmen Island attract huge numbers of visitors. A castle was built there in the 12th century by the founder of the city, Bishop Absalon. However, over the course of time the castle began to decay until it was finally pulled down in 1369 in order to make room for a new castle. Royal guards highlight the significance of Amalienborg that is situated in the heart of Frederikstaden, the winter residence of the Danish royal family. Each day at noon an impressive spectacle takes place in front of the palace when the royal guards march into the square and undertake the official changing of the guard. The wonderfully designed royal gardens of Rosenberg Castle, Kongens Have, is one of the most beautiful parks in Denmark. Built on red bricks and covered with a fa?ade of sandstone the castle is an architectural masterpiece of Dutch Renaissance. The city's castles not only reflect the history of the Danish royal family but also trace the colourful development of the fascinating city of Copenhagen.

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 Denmark Travel Videos, DVD