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World Atlas | Political, Physical


 World Atlas
National Geographic, Political, Physical.

World Atlas

  1. $165.00 + $28.50 p&h (big, heavy atlas!) or $64.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : NATL19406

    National Geographic "Atlas of the World".National Geographic "Atlas of the World".
    8th Edition. October, 2004. Size 12-3/8" x 18-1/2". 416 pages. Totally indexed. A true masterpiece! Using the latest satellite imaging, National Geographic has created a stunning world atlas of exceptional beauty and accuracy. With both political and physical maps and a wealth of information on the world and its people, the atlas includes a 134-page index reflecting 14,000 changes world-wide since the previous edition. Hardcover. National Geographic, the renowned authority in cartographic information for more than 90 years, unveils its most comprehensive and compelling portrait of the world yet. This completely revised, state-of-the-art atlas uses the latest digital mapping techniques, most advanced satellite imagery, and other cutting-edge technology to create a thorough, panoramic picture of the planet Earth. Exclusive Features $_$_START_LIST ? 60 up-to-date political maps, 17 new thematic maps, and 10 new panoramic satellite views of the world and every continent. ? Three all-new, stunning double-page world maps--one created by satellite imagery, one highlighting Earth's physical features, and a political map of all 192 countries. ? First-time-ever use of the oblique view of satellite images, giving readers a sense of the three-dimensional view from space. ? A unique online address for every political map, which allows readers to update and even customize their maps. ? Detailed views of all five ocean floors and both polar regions that reveal the latest scientific coverage of these relatively unexplored frontiers. ? Unique coverage of space, including the latest imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope, and new information from Mars. ? New world-thematic section addressing today's pressing global concerns, with topics such as Biodiversity, World Economy, and Conflict and Terror. ? New section on Cities of the World, emphasizing key ''megacities'' and featuring 60 new maps, photographs, and fact boxes. ? A comprehensive, cross-referenced index of 140,000 place names. ? More than 15,000 changes made between the 7th and the 8th Editions. ? A detailed appendix of reference information such as foreign terms, metric conversions, time zones, and temperature statistics. ? The unique Ehlermann binding, which enables the atlas to open completely flat so that no information is lost in the center. ? Owners of this new 8th Edition Atlas also receive exclusive access to National Geographic's interactive atlas web site. Featuring impressive technology that enables users to create customized views of many maps in the atlas, the unique site also contains animations that zoom in on famous world landmarks, and a printable map update capability to keep this atlas forever current. $_$_END_LIST
  2. $21.95 + $6.80 p&h or $18.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : ITMB10487

    Mayan World Travel ATLAS.
    International Travel Maps edition. The Mayas occupied the Yucatan Peninsula and spread inland through modern-day Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras all the way to El Salvador. This atlas covers all these areas: Mexico from Tabasco and Chiapas, through the Yucatan provinces of Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatan (1:500,000), all of Belize at 1:250,000, all of Guatemala at 1:470,000, all of Honduras at 1:750,000, and all of El Salvador at 1:250,000. The advantage of this travel atlas is that all of these countries are available in one convenient-to-carry book. Dollar-wise, this atlas is a tremendous bargain; one would have to pay $50.00+ to obtain all of these maps as single titles at the same scale and level of detail. Each known Mayan site is marked and named (there are more than 400) in magenta City maps of Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala City, San Salvador, Tegucigalpa, and Belize City are included in this comprehensive atlas.
  3. $150.00 + $19.50 p&h (big book!)

    Item Code : OXFD19407

    Oxford "Atlas of the World" Deluxe Edition.
    Hardcover. October, 2005. Size The Oxford Atlas of the World is a must-have reference for every library. This oversized, exquisitely designed atlas also makes a great gift for any occasion. Oxford University Press is one of the finest and most authoritative publishers of reference books, so don't settle for anything less than the Atlas of the World. Hardcover This edition includes beautiful aerial photographs of cities and landforms; a World Geography section filled with nicely presented maps, graphs, and charts illustrating geographic principles and providing information on urban areas around the world; and more than 250 pages of colorful and informative maps that combine physical and political features. The format of the World Statistics section has changed from a table to a map, and there are some new satellite images, map scales, and perspectives. Other additions to the deluxe edition include detailed maps of the oceans and ocean floors and 22 American and Canadian cities, and expanded coverage of the states and provinces of Australia, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean Basin, and the U.S. It does not include a gazetteer and city map index. It comes with a very sturdy slipcase which will ensure that the binding holds up well. Customer Review: The new Oxford Atlas of the World Deluxe Edition represents a breakthrough in the areas of research, skill, and ease of use. As an author and educator with over 35 years of teaching experience, I found its maps are large and easy to read, and it includes exceptionally vivid depictions of landforms such as mountains, rivers, and deserts. There are so many large scale maps of many places in the news today, such as Mexico, Israel, Jordan, Korea, and Central Asia, that it seemed to bring the world into my own living room with increased awareness. Indeed, it provides more coverage of North America, the United States, Europe and Asia than any other atlas I have used or seen in libraries. The clarity of the maps is truly amazing. There must be over 275 detailed topographic maps as well as a set of six ocean floor maps and maps of the Moon and the night sky. As if this weren't enough, I found the more than 100 metropolitan maps and city center plans for major cities around the world an added bonus. It is great if you are traveling or writing about a specific place. In addition, I found the protective slip case it comes with takes up less space than many other cumbersome reference books. For my money, this Atlas makes a great addition for anyone interested in following world events, and a fantastic holiday or birthday gift for students of all ages.
  4. $250.00 + $28.50 p&h (this is a big heavy atlas!)

    Item Code : TMES19405

    Times Atlas of the World : Comprehensive Edition.
    Hardcover. 11th edition. October, 2005. The very latest and best! Size 13"x18?". 544 pages. 12 lbs. Very highly rated by most consumers. This atlas sets the standard for all others. No other atlas comes close to this one in terms of user-friendliness and degree of detail. Includes user-friendly overview of the maps contained in the atlas ("Key to the World/European Map Pages") on the insides of the front and back hardcover. Also, contains a comprehensive index of names in the back, featuring not only the location of a certain place on the grid of a map, but also the place's longitude and latitude. No atlas beats the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World. If you want to buy an atlas for keeps - this is the one to get!
  5. $17.00

    Item Code : MGEL19414

    "World History Atlas"."World History Atlas".
    "Various scales". Size 8"x10". 48 pages. Magellan Geographix edition.
  6. $17.00

    Item Code : FREY19413

    "World Political Pocket Atlas Hardbound"."World Political Pocket Atlas Hardbound".
    Scale 1:35,000,000. Size 4"x5?". 128 pages. Freytag & Berndt edition.
  7. $125.00 + $18.50 p&h Beautiful Cartography

    Item Code : HAMD19408

    Hammond "Executive Edition" World Atlas.Hammond "Executive Edition" World Atlas.
    Size 11"x14?". 304 pages. Beautiful award winning digital cartography, highly detailed with gilded silver edge pages, red ribbon marker, completely up to date. Includes 230 maps including 160 area maps and 70 inset detail maps. over 115,000 index entries Hardcover in slipcase. All the deluxe feature of our special gift edition plus an attractive, sturdy slipcase to hold and protect this exquisite volume. Beautiful cartography! Makes a wonderful gift.
  8. $100.00 + $14.50 p&h

    Item Code : DORL19409

    Dorling Kindersley "Great World Atlas".
    ~ Out of Print - Discontinued ~ DK's Great World Atlas offers comprehensive coverage at a great value, with sumptuous photographs and satellite imagery that depict the world in stunningly beautiful ways. The info has all been revised, including details on culture, nature, industry, language, and much more. 96 large-scale regional maps, 200 terrain maps, and 750 photos are included in all. This is a great choice for home, office, or school reference, especially if you're not looking to spend a ton of money on an atlas. Hardcover A beautiful atlas!

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 World Atlas
National Geographic, Political, Physical.