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Saudi Arabia Road Maps | Detailed Travel Tourist Driving


 Saudi Arabia Road Maps 
Detailed, Travel, Tourist, Driving.

Saudi Arabia

  1. $17.95

    Item Code : ITMB12948

    Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Road and Physical Travel Reference Map.
    Scale 1:1,750,000. Size 26"x39". International Travel Maps edition. English text and legends. Elevations and topographic features are shown be hypsometric color tints. Includes considerable useful travel information. Saudi Arabia remains a unique entity in today’s world, steadfastly governing itself in splendid isolation and fighting hard to keep ‘modern’ influences at bay. However, it has modern trappings such as an excellent road system, even though women aren’t allowed to drive, and modern cities, even though women won’t be allowed to vote in local elections until 2015. The cities of Medina and Mecca are closed to infidels. Kuwait, its immediate neighbour to the north is an open society and is included on this map as a very large inset, with a separate inset of Kuwait City. Central Riyadh is also included as an inset map, showing mosques, hotels, banks, and shopping areas.
  2. $19.95

    Item Code : REIS12949

    Saudi Arabia, Road and Topographic Tourist Map.Saudi Arabia, Road and Topographic Tourist Map.
    Scale 1:1,800,000. Size 27"x39". Reis Know How edition. Very detailed Saudi Arabia road map. English and multi-lingual legends. Printed on tear-resistant, waterproof, paper-like plastic. It can bend and fold without cracking and is writeable as normal paper, non-toxic and recyclable. Perfect for tourist adventures and independent travel and for driving tours. Includes topographic contour lines and hypsometric color tints which show height levels, along with elevation numbers. Shows all major and secondary roads and tertiary roads, with distances between points in kilometers. Fully indexed. Beautiful cartography.
  3. $17.95

    Item Code : FREY12945

    Saudi Arabia, Road and Shaded Relief Tourist Map.
    Scale 1:2,000,000. Indexed. Freytag-Berndt edition. Explore Saudi Arabia with this Freytag&Berndt double-sided road map. The best way to plan your trip, prepare your itinerary, and to travel independently in this country. This map includes Oman, Yemen, UAE, Qatar, Bahrein, and Kuweit.
  4. $14.95

    Item Code : GIZI12950

    Red Sea Road and Tourist Map.Red Sea Road and Tourist Map.
    Scale 1:2,000,000. Size 27"x49". GiziMap edition.
  5. $23.95

    Item Code : GEOP12947

    Saudi Arabia, Road and Physical Tourist Map.Saudi Arabia, Road and Physical Tourist Map.
    Scale 1:3,500,000. Size 36"x21". GEOprojects edition. Includes inset city street plans of Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam at 1:20,000 scale. Physical and road map of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula at 1:3,500,000 showing relief, administrative boundaries, communications, oil pipelines, settlements and places of interest with index of place names. The reverse side has city maps of Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam at 1:20,000 showing streets, built-up areas, parks, important buildings and places of interest with indexes. Business guides for Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah with addresses, telephone and fax numbers for ministries, embassies, hotels and other information. Map of Mecca at 1:13,000 with text describing the Hajj. Descriptive text about the geography, climate, population and economy of Saudi Arabia with accompanying photographs.
  6. $14.95

    Item Code : GIZI12946

    Saudi Arabia, Road and Physical Tourist Map.Saudi Arabia, Road and Physical Tourist Map.
    Scale 1:3,000,000. Size 34"x40". GiziMap edition. A detailed physical and road map of Saudi Arabia. The map uses hill shading, elevation coloring, and spot heights to show elevation. There are six levels of roads shown, ranging from tracks to multilane highways/motorways. Distances in kilometers are given between main road junctions. Symbols are shown to show a variety of physical features and tourist sites, ranging from mosques, fortresses, and museums to caves, coral reefs, salt flats and deserts. The legend is in four languages including English and Arabic, and the map is in English with many names also in Arabic.

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 Saudi Arabia Road Maps 
Detailed, Travel, Tourist, Driving.