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Poland City Street Maps | Detailed Travel Tourist


 Poland City Street Maps 
Detailed, Travel, Tourist.

Poland City Maps

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    Item Code : PANS12616

    Scale 1:13,000.
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    Koszalin, Poland.
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    Krakow, Poland.Krakow, Poland.

    Scale 1:8,000. Size 27"x39". International Travel Maps edition.

    Poland is emerging from its ‘eastern’ era as a vibrant and historic country, full of interesting castles and ancient cities. One of the leading icons of tradition-laden Europe is the medieval cloth centre of Krakow (formerly called Cracow).

    The city centre of the city is so full of pristine old buildings that the entire centre is a heritage area. The Cloth Hall in the market square is one of the greatest repositories of tapestries in Europe. St. Mary’s Cathedral is breath-taking and, when full to the entranceway with worshipers, as it was when I was there, is awe-inspiring.

    Our map of Krakow, ITMB’s third map for Poland, concentrates on the central portion of the city, with a large inset of the central pedestrian area and with a regional inset map showing roads to Auschwitz (now called Oswiecim) and to Katowice. Krakow is also home to the famous 700-year old salt mine complex, Wieliczka, where IMTA held it’s famous conference banquet one unforgettable evening. This map is dedicated to our good friend Elizabeth, for all she has done to promote maps in Poland and abroad, and for all she did to make that conference so memorable.

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    Scale 1:20,000.
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    Scale 1:15,000.
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    Scale 1:8,000.
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    Scale 1:10,000.
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    Scale 1:20,000.
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    Scale 1:17,000.
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    Detailed city street map.
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    Scale 1:10,000.
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    Scale 1:17,000
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    Piekary Slaskie, Poland.
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    Pila, Poland.
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    Poznan, Poland.
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    Scale 1:11,000.
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    Scale 1:16,000.
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    Scale 1:11,000.
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    Scale 1:13,000.
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    Scale 1:9,500.

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 Poland City Street Maps 
Detailed, Travel, Tourist.