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Latvia Road Maps | Detailed Travel Tourist Driving


 Latvia Road Maps 
Detailed, Travel, Tourist, Driving.


  1. $17.95

    Item Code : ITMB1430

    Lithuania and Latvia Road and Physical Travel Reference Map.Lithuania and Latvia Road and Physical Travel Reference Map.

    Scale 1:500,000. Size 27"x39". International Travel Maps edition.

    ITMB is very pleased to release its first-ever map of the Baltic country of Lithuania, which occupies Side 1 of this double-sided map. It is bordered by Latvia on its north, the Russian enclave of Kalingrad on its southeast, and Poland and Belarus on its south and east. It is now on the front lines of tension between Russia and its neighbours, as are all the Baltic states. It is also a valued member of both NATO and the EU, and as such is easy to access from either Poland or Latvia.

    Lithuania fronts on to the Baltic Sea with a major port at Klaipeda (formerly Memel), with its capital being Vilnius. Historically, the country has suffered German and Russian invasions during the 20th century, the last of which resulted in the country losing its independence completely by being absorbed into the Russian Empire in the latter stages of WW2.

    It regained its independence in 1991, with the collapse of the USSR and shortly thereafter applied to join both the European Union and NATO. Touristically, the main attractions are shown in our Top Attractions listing. Culturally, it is closely associated with Scandinavia, especially Finland, and maintains cordial relations with Latvia and Poland. The current war in Ukraine has created difficulties entering either Russia or Belarus.

    Side 2 of the map is an updated map of Latvia, with a detailed inset of its capital Riga. This Baltic country is bounded by Lithuania to the south, Estonia to the north, and Russia to the east. As all the Baltic states are members of the EU, access by air, ferry, and land are easy. Historic Riga is the main attraction of Latvia, but the region around Cesis has several significant sites of touristic interest, and the cathedral at Rezekne, in the east, is well-worth a visit.

  2. $19.95

    Item Code : REIS9807

    Latvia Road and Topographic Tourist Map.Latvia Road and Topographic Tourist Map.
    Scale 1:325,000. Size 28"x36". Reis Know How edition. Very detailed Latvia road map. English and multi-lingual legends. Printed on tear-resistant, waterproof, paper-like plastic. It can bend and fold without cracking and is writable as normal paper, non-toxic and recyclable. Perfect for tourist adventures and independent travel and for driving tours. Includes topographic contour lines and hypsometric color tints which show height levels, along with elevation numbers. Shows all major and secondary roads and tertiary roads, with distances between points in kilometers. Fully indexed. Beautiful cartography.
  3. $17.95

    Item Code : FREY9808

    Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania (Baltic States) Road and Shaded Relief Tourist Map.Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania (Baltic States) Road and Shaded Relief Tourist Map.
    Scale 1:400,000. Size 34"x48" (big map!). Indexed. Freytag Berndt edition. English and multilingual legends. This is our largest-scale map of Latvia and the Baltic States. Lots of important travel information. Very detailed.
  4. $17.95

    Item Code : ITMB14320

    Latvia and Riga Road and Physical Travel Reference Map.Latvia and Riga Road and Physical Travel Reference Map.

    Scale 1:460,000 / 1:8,000. Size 27"x39". International Travel Maps edition.

    This is a brand new mapping area for ITMB. We have had a map of Riga for years, but not the country of Latvia, which now graces one side of the sheet while Riga occupies the other. The country is larger than one might think, touristically friendly, historically significant, and strategically important. Wedged between Estonia on the north and Lithuania on the south, Latvia tends to be a fast north-south route through the Baltic States, but its strength lies in being an east-west country with a very long coastline.

    Riga itself is a very interesting city, and our map shows it to perfection. This map would be very useful for anyone going to the Baltic Sea countries and fits very well with our companion map of Estonia/Tallinn.

  5. $59.95 + $7.50 p&h or $24.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : JANA9812

    Latvia Tourist Road Atlas, Latvia.Latvia Tourist Road Atlas, Latvia.
    Scale 1:200,000 and at 1:100,000 for the more popular areas. Very detailed. Also includes numerous city street plans of the major cities of Latvia at 1:20,000 and 1:25,000 scale. English and multi-lingual legends. 279 pages. Full-color cartography. Completely indexed. Wonderful large-scale atlas. Also shows topographic details and six classes of roads. Even the tiniest villages are located. Lots of valuable tourist information including the location of petrol stations, hotels, parks, etc.
  6. $17.95

    Item Code : ITMB9810

    BALTIC STATES Road and Physical Travel Reference Map.BALTIC STATES Road and Physical Travel Reference Map.

    Scale 1:500,000. Size 27"x39". International Travel Maps edition. Indexed. 

    This is a brand new map using ITMB artwork and replaces the artwork ITMB previously licensed from ADAC. The Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are three of the nicest countries to visit in Europe. Access is easy, through Poland heading north or via a ferry from Finland coming south. As part of the EU, the three countries enthusiastically removed border controls for citizens of other EU countries a number of years ago.

    We have travelled through the area and can testify to the friendliness of the people, the high quality of the road network, and the accommodations available. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is perhaps better known than either Riga or Vilnius, but all three cities exude a Baltic charm that is quite pleasant. Our map focuses on the countries in great detail, showing the sophisticated road network, the many historic and touristic sites, and camping areas in parks.

    As there is a wealth of hotels and guest houses in the country, as well as petrol stations, we have not bothered to note such matters. This is a part of the former Soviet empire that is showing great signs of developing into a valued part of Europe.

  7. $13.95

    Item Code : CART9811

    Baltic States, Road and Tourist Map.Baltic States, Road and Tourist Map.
    Scale 1:850,000. Size 38"x26". Includes Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Indexed. Cartographia edition. English and multilingual legends. Sample map below is greatly enlarged.
  8. $12.95

    Item Code : JANA9816

    Scale 1:200,000.
  9. $17.95

    Item Code : FREY9813

    Riga, Latvia.Riga, Latvia.
    Scale 1:10,000. Size 37"x49". Freytag & Berndt edition.
  10. $12.95

    Item Code : JANA9814

    Riga, Latvia.Riga, Latvia.
    Jana edition. Detailed city street map. 1:20,000 & 1:7,000. Jana Seta. High quality street map of Riga with an inset map of central Riga at 1:7,000. One way streets are shown and tram, trolley bus and bus routes are numbered and marked on the map. House numbers are indicated and colors distinguish industrial areas, public buildings and other notable sites. Symbols depict gas stations, car parks, hotels, post offices, hospitals, churches, museums, theatres, concert halls, galleries, sports grounds, markets and view points. Index in an attached booklet.
  11. $17.95

    Item Code : ITMB9815

    Riga, Latvia.Riga, Latvia.
    Scale 1:8,000. Size 27"x39". International Travel Maps edition. Indexed. English text and legends. Elevations and topographic features are shown by hypsometric color tints. Includes considerable useful travel information.

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 Latvia Road Maps 
Detailed, Travel, Tourist, Driving.