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Indonesia City Maps | Detailed, Travel, Tourist, Street


 Indonesia City Street Maps 
Detailed, Travel, Tourist.

Indonesia City Maps

  1. $14.95

    Item Code : INDO9201

    Scale 1:16,800. Indexed. CV Indo Prima Sarana edition. Detailed city street map.
  2. $14.95

    Item Code : PRAD9202

    Scale 1:16,800. CV Pradika edition. Indonesian text
  3. $16.95

    Item Code : PERI9200

    Bandung, Java, Indonesia.Bandung, Java, Indonesia.
    "Various Scales". Size 20"x30". Periplus edition.
  4. $14.95

    Item Code : BUWA9204

    Scale 1:65,000
  5. $14.95

    Item Code : FITR9205

    P.T. Fitratama Sempana edition
  6. $14.95

    Item Code : PRAD9206

    Scale 1:25,000. CV Pradika edition. Indonesian text
  7. $21.95 + $6.50 p&h or $12.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : PERI9199

    Bali Street ATLAS, Java, Indonesia.Bali Street ATLAS, Java, Indonesia.
    "Various Scales". Size 8"x10?". 171 pages. Periplus edition.
  8. $14.95

    Item Code : KARY9208

    Scale 1:18,000. Bilingual
  9. $11.95

    Item Code : PEMB9213

    Scale 1:20,000. P.T. Pembina edition
  10. $14.95

    Item Code : INDO9214

    Scale 1:20,000. 33-page index. CV Indo Prima Sarana edition. Full color. English and Indonesian text
  11. $12.95

    Item Code : PERI9211

    JAKARTA, Java, Indonesia.JAKARTA, Java, Indonesia.
    Scale 1:30,000. Size 20"x38". Periplus edition.
  12. $17.95

    Item Code : ITMB9212

    JAKARTA, Java, Indonesia.JAKARTA, Java, Indonesia.

    Scale 1:21,000. Size 27"x39". International Travel Maps edition.

    Indonesia is emerging quickly as one of the power-houses of Asia. Jakarta is a huge urban area, with a charming city centre. This double-sided map shows Greater Jakarta on one side, with its expressways and inter-urban train network and is, in my opinion very useful to business visitors to the city.

    It includes the airport, the city centre, the enormous soccer stadium (worth a visit), and the roads connecting the different neighbourhoods of this spread-out city. The other side concentrates on the central core of Jakarta, which is where most visitors would spend most time.

    Road and rail connections are clearly shown, as well as a good range of embassies, museums, hotels, gas stations, religious buildings, hospitals, and touristic attractions. Asian cities tend not to be well-mapped; the last map of the city that I recall was done about ten years ago, so this should fill a gap. ITMB also publishes a map of the island of Java, for those planning trips beyond the city.

  13. $27.95 + $6.50 p&h or $12.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : PERI9215

    JAKARTA Street ATLAS, Java, Indonesia.JAKARTA Street ATLAS, Java, Indonesia.
    Scale 1:17,500. Size 8"x10?". Periplus edition. Indexed. 323 pages! An incredible atlas. Very detailed.
  14. $17.95

    Item Code : NELS9209

    Java and Jakarta, Indonesia.Java and Jakarta, Indonesia.
    Scale 1:750,000. Size 20"x36". Nelles Verlag edition.
  15. $16.95

    Item Code : NATL20983

    Java Adventure Road Map, Indonesia.Java Adventure Road Map, Indonesia.
    Scale 1:700,000. Size 26"x38". National Geographic edition. National Geographic's Java Adventure Map is designed to meet the unique needs of adventure travelers to this Indonesian island with its durability and accurate information. Each folded map provides global travelers with the perfect combination of detail and perspective, highlighting the area’s terrain and best locations for adventure activities like snorkeling, surfing, fishing, and more. Adventure Maps include hundreds of points of interest that highlight diverse and unique destinations within the country. The map includes the locations of thousands of cities and towns with a user-friendly index, plus a clearly marked road network complete with distances and designations for major highways, main roads, and tracks and trails for those seeking to explore more remote regions. Key Features: Waterproof and tear-resistant Detailed interpretive information and local travel tips Detailed topography complete with activity symbols, ideal for exploring the country City overview maps Hundreds of points of interest, including the location of World Heritage sites, national parks and nature reserves, aboriginal settlements and protected lands, mines, archeological sites, wildlife parks and more Thousands of place names Important travel aids including airports, lighthouses, ferry routes and rail lines Developed in cooperation with local agencies Updated regularly to ensure accuracy Printed in the U.S.
  16. $14.95

    Item Code : BINA9217

    Scale 1:22,700. Bina Citra edition. Indonesian text
  17. $11.95

    Item Code : PERI9219

    Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia.Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia.
    Periplus Editions. Scale 1:10,000. Includes a road and shaded relief map of north Sumatra at 1:1,500,000 scale. English text and legends. ~ Out of Print - Discontinues ~
  18. $10.95

    Item Code : 9218

    Malang, Java, Indonesia (please turn to "Indonesia and Java, Road and Tourist Map, including an inset city street plan of Malang")
  19. $12.95

    Item Code : PERI9222

    Semarang, Java, Indonesia.Semarang, Java, Indonesia.
    Scale 1:15,000. Size 20"x38". Periplus edition.

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 Indonesia City Street Maps 
Detailed, Travel, Tourist.