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Ilocano Language Course, Learn Ilocano, Lessons


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    Item Code : UHAW3677

    Let's Speak Ilokano (Ilocano).
    University of Hawaii Press. Textbook. 296 pages. "Let's Speak Ilokano" takes a new and lively approach to langue learning. The language is learned in the context of simulated real-world experiences that are acted out___running the gamut from "Getting to Know You" in lesson one, to "Borrowing Money" in lesson fifteen. Tested with beginning Ilokano students at the University of Hawaii, this approach has been shown to enable students to overcome the psychological barriers of using a foreign language. This approach reinforces language use by providing a variety of non-threatening listening and writing exercises as integral parts of each lesson. A variety of memorization techniques help travellers to acquire both vocabulary and structures painlessly. Oral exercises are provided through communication activities and language games.
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    Item Code : UHAW3678

    Intermediate Ilokano (Ilocano).
    University of Hawaii Press. Textbook. 296 pages. Students familiar with Precy Espiritu's widely used beginning language text "Let's Speak Ilokano", will welcome Intermediate Ilokano. Each of the twelve lessons consists of eight major components: reading, vocabulary study, story, questions for conversation, grammar notes, writing practice, fluency practice, and culture notes. The text integrates eclectic approaches to language teaching and learning and encourages active participation by students.
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    Item Code : HIPP3679

    Ilocano-English, English-Ilocano, Dictionary and Phrasebook.
    Includes 7,000 entries. Spoken in the northern Philippines. Customer Comment: "There aren't too many Tagalog books out there, and Ilocano ones are so rare I didn't think they existed until I spotted this on your site. This book really helped me out when I visited the province of Pangasinan. Sure, I am not fluent but I was able to make myself understood." April H.
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    Item Code : UHAW3680

    Ilocano Dictionary and Grammar.
    University of Hawaii Press. 674 pages. Size 6"x9". Ilocano-English, English-Ilocano text. This root-based dictionary of the Ilocano language is the most comprehensive dictionary of it's kind. The body of the dictionary includes entries for roots and affixes, with illustrative sentences idioms, common derivations, and scientific names (when applicable). Unlike most dictionaries of Philippine languages, it has an extensive English to Ilocano section. A terrific resource guide! "Among the Philippine languages, Ilokano is ranked third in terms of its number of mother-tongue speakers (probably over 8,000,000), yet there has never been a good, widely available dictionary of the language until now.... This dictionary deserves a place on the shelves of anyone interested in the Ilokano language." --Oceanic Linguistics, June 2002 This root-based dictionary of the Ilocano language is the most comprehensive dictionary produced of Ilocano (Iloko), the lingua franca of Northern Luzon, and historically the native language of the majority of Filipino immigrants to the United States.

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