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Finnish Language Course, Audio CD, Learn, Speak, Instruction


  1. $32.95 CD ROM + $5.80 p&h or $12.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : TALK3496

    Talk Now! Finnish CD ROM Language Course.Talk Now! Finnish CD ROM Language Course.
    We recommend Talk Now! for any language beginner who wants an entertaining self-study course to learn basic phrases, colors, numbers, food, shopping, time, countries, etc. Talk Now! is designed for people who want to learn a language quickly. It's fun, fast, and makes learning easy. If you don't have time to become fluent, but need the basics in a hurry, then Talk Now! is for you. Designed by language experts, Talk Now! includes great features like speak and repeat, interactive games, and digital recordings with both sexes of native speakers. And Talk Now! runs on both Macintosh and Windows computers. This is a fun way of instruction to learn and speak the Finnish language. - $_$_START_LIST ? Ideal for beginners and travelers. ? Topics include: first words, phrases, food, shopping, numbers, time and more. ? Interactive and fun. ? Immediate responses to every choice you make. ? Compare your pronunciation to that of native speakers, using the record button. ? Test your knowledge with easy and hard quizzes, plus play a challenging memory game! ? Monitor your progress--keep a check on your total score, and print your own awards. ? On-screen help is available at all times in over. ? Print your own picture dictionary for handy reference. $_$_END_LIST
  2. $32.95 CD ROM + $5.80 p&h or $12.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : TALK3497

    Talk More! Finnish CD ROM Language Course.
    Talk More! is the latest series in the Talk Now! range for beginners to intermediates. It is the next step up from our best-selling Talk Now! range. Increase your basic knowledge and prepare yourself for World Talk, our intermediate level. With Talk More! you can learn a new language the EuroTal using broadcast quality video and the latest interactive techniques. Ideal for travellers, holiday makers, business people, students and families.
  3. $32.95 CD ROM + $5.80 p&h or $12.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : TALK3498

    World Talk, Finnish CD ROM Language Course.
    This course is a continuation of the Talk Now! CD ROM course described above and intended to elevate the speaker to the Intermediate level.. World Talk is the perfect follow-up to Talk Now! As well as having new activities, there is also dictation, worksheets and a brand new recording section. Topics covered include: the calendar, sentence building, asking directions, the weather and numbers. The interactive TV Quiz is a definite hit, where the resident champion may turn out to be more intelligent than he looks. You can also compete in a one-to-one match with a friend!
  4. $76.95 set of 2 Audio CD + $6.80 p&h or $16.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : MRAW3499

    Teach Yourself Finnish Language.
    Audio CD Pack and Book. McGraw-Hill Books. 352 pages. Size 5"x7?". Includes two 60-minute audio CD discs. This complete course is based on the very latest learning methods and is designed to be both enjoyable and user-friendly. Prepared by experts in the language, this course begins with the basics and gradually elevates the student to a level of smooth and confident communication. Includes up-to-date interactive dialogues; graded units of cultural notes, grammar, and exercises; practical vocabulary; step-by-step guides to pronunciation; irregular verb tables; and plenty of practice exercises. This is another good beginner language course and includes all the fundamentals of the language.
  5. $24.95 set + $5.50 p & h or $10.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : LANG3501

    Educational Services Corporation. Includes two audio cassette tapes (approximately 100 minutes) and a verbatim phrase book. You can learn anytime, your car...while exercising...whenever! Easy to use. First the English phrase is spoken on the tape; then the Finnish language phrase is spoken twice for maximum learning; followed by a pause for student response. Includes basic conversational phrases such as: greetings, personal needs, transportation, business, health and emergency terms, and more. Features native voices with authentic pronunciation; phrases in both English and the Finnish language, with target phrases spoken twice for maximum learning; basic grammar section, pronunciation hints, updated social customs, vocabulary index, phonetic pronunciation, and foreign scripts. The phrase book can be used separately as a handy, pocket-size reference guide, or used with the tape. Recommended for beginners, business travellers, vacationers, or as a refresher course.
  6. $229.95 set of 10 Audio CD discs + $14.50 p & h or $32.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : AUDO3502

    Conversational Finnish Language For Foreigners, Volume 1, Audio CD Course.
    Includes 10 audio CD discs ( = 8 hours), and a 236-page textbook, plus a 276-page exercise book, and a 78-page oral drill book. This practical course in modern Finnish does not come with cross-country skis. However, it is a good introductory course and uses two books: one provides transcripts of the Finnish language dialogs with idiomatic English translations, notes on structural patterns, and explanations of essential points of grammar; the other provides a variety of exercises with instructions in English. This is the basic course in Finnish, emphasizing the spoken language with pronunciation drills and a large glossary. It was developed over a period of years with the participation of Finnish students.
  7. $ 95.00 set of 3 Audio CD discs + $8.50 p & h or $18.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : AUDO3504

    Conversational Finnish Language For Foreigners, Volume 2, Audio CD Course.
    Audio Forum. Includes 3 audio CD discs ( = 2 hours), and a 215-page text book, and a 192-page exercise book. This second volume of Finnish language For Foreigners introduces the learner to structures needed in writing as well a speech, especially the use of participles and infinitives as substitutes for various subordinate clauses. Dialogs and narratives are without English translations and the number of new words listed for each chapter has been somewhat reduced.
  8. $15.95 + $3.80 p&h or $10.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : HIPP3507

    Finnish English, English-Finnish, Phrasebook and Dictionary.
    Hippocrene Books. Includes 3,000 entries. Size 4"x7". 292 pages. From its cultured capital, Helsinki, to its myriad of sapphire lakes, Finland is a land of endless beauty. This phrasebook and dictionary offers travelers a comprehensive bilingual dictionary and travel-oriented phrasebook that will ensure effective communication wherever one ends up in Finland. 5,000 total entries Basic Finnish grammar Easy-to-use pronunciation guide Practical cultural information Perfect for travelers, businesspersons, and students
  9. $17.95 + $5.80 p&h or $12.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : HIPP3508

    Finnish-English, English-Finnish, Concise Dictionary.
    Hippocrene Books. 191 pages. Includes 12,000 entries. More than 6,000 entries Concise, easy-to-use format For travelers and students Handy glossary of menu terms Completely modern and up-to-date

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