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  1. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : IMAX2922

    Journey Into Amazing Caves - Travel Video - DVD.
    80 Minutes. Originally filmed for the spectacular, large IMAX screen, JOURNEY INTO AMAZING CAVES is a breathtaking, eye-popping nature documentary. Narrated by actor Liam Neeson, the film joins 2 seasoned explorers as they travel into diverse caves all over the world. The camera captures the Yucatan's underwater caves, the Grand Canyon's terrestrial caves, and Greenland's amazing ice caves, among other. Legendary classic rock group the Moody Blues provide the soundtrack.
  2. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : CMOS2920

    Great Cathedrals of the World - Travel Video - DVD.
    Cosmos Global Documentaries. 52 Minutes. Cathedrals are an important part of the religious world, great works of art that unite cultural history and architecture in a remarkable way. The Stephansdom in Vienna is one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in the world and is also one of the most cherished buildings in Austria. The Gothic splendour of the cathedral is on show for all to see and its architectural and artistic treasures that date back to the Middle Ages are a priceless heritage for future generations. As if to highlight its special significance and situated in the small Finnish town of Kerim?ki, the Kerimaen Kirkko proudly rises into the sky. Close to the fascinating lake district of the Savonlinna region, the inhabitants of Kerim?ki wanted to have a church that was a little different: forty metres long and forty two metres wide, Kerim?ki Church is the largest timber built Christian church in the world. Seville Cathedral, the Catedral De Santa Mari? De La Sede, is the most important church in the Andalusian metropolis. This magnificent building is the largest Gothic cathedral and also the third largest Christian church in the world. It replaced the former Islamic Seville Mosque that was built by the Almohades in 1198. Throughout the ages these fascinating cathedrals have focused the minds of the faithful and have each, in their own way, become immortal.
  3. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : GLOB2919

    Great Historic Sites Around The World - Travel Video - DVD.
    Globe Trekker. Everywhere you go in the world, you find monuments to a different age. Each civilization has left its mark, from the New World Mayans to the mysterious statues on Easter Island in the Pacific. Pilot Guide to Great Historic Sites gives you insight into ancient people and the world they lived in. Megan McCormick and her fellow travellers take you on a journey through history and time, exploring some of the most fascinating sites across Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia. 120 minutes approx. Along the way? $_$_START_LIST ? Visit the great pyramids of Egypt ? Walk the ancient city of Delos in Greece ? See the spectacular mosque of Esfahan in Iran ? Journey to the awe inspiring city of Angkor Wat ? Admire the magnificent 2200 year old terracotta army of China $_$_END_LIST
  4. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : CMOS2917

    Monumental Treasures Of The World, Episode 3 - DVD.
    Cosmos Global Documentaries. 52 Minutes. Various Locations In Italy, China, Thailand, France, India & Nepal The Colosseum Of Rome is the most monumental and impressive amphitheatre in the world. It is thought that its construction began in 72 AD by command of Emperor Vespasianus. Here, the Roman's desire for outrageous performance and violent entertainment were fully satisfied. In turn the Emperor's popularity grew with these public exhibitions. Sadly, at the fall of the Roman Empire this gigantic complex fell into disrepair. Close to Badaling the Great Wall Of China extends majestically across misty mountains. It is the largest Man-made structure in the world. It is believed that the original sections of the Great Wall were built in eight hundred and eighty eight B.C. At that time the wall consisted of compressed clay and various palisades. The wall was erected in order to protect the country from invasion from the North. The Great Wall Of China is a wonder of the world within the `Middle Empire' that continues to fascinate all those who see it. Most sightseers travel by boat to see the fascinating Wat Arun Temple that is located close to the shore of the Chao Phraya in the historic heart of Bangkok. The seventy four metre high prang is the main and most visible element of the temple complex and is one of Bangkok's major landmarks. In the nineteenth century King Rama The Second was responsible for the extension of the originally much smaller and more modest temple tower. With its historic buildings the eighty metre high granite mound of Mont-Saint-Michel in France's Brittany is like something from a fairy tale. This spectacular building unites sea, earth and sky and powerful fortifications surround the small town and the abbey at the top of the rock, remnants of Mont-Saint-Michel's dramatic past. Kathmandu is a metropolis in the heart of the kingdom of Nepal. A land of snow-white mountains and home of the gods, a melting pot of races and religions that is located between China and India. A magical, mystical, Shangri-La. It was only a few decades ago that ancient Nepal opened up its borders. Until then, due to the command of the ruling Gurkha Dynasty the `Home of the Divine' was totally cut off from the outside world.
  5. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : CMOS2916

    Monumental Treasures Of The World, Episode 2 - DVD.
    Cosmos Global Documentaries. 52 Minutes. Various Locations In Italy, Morocco, Myanmar, Spain, Trinidad & China Pisa is a Renaissance city in western Tuscany located at the mouth of the River Arno and where historic monuments acknowledge the glory of this former maritime power. A place of remarkable monuments that also contains the artistic treasures of various Italian cities. Both spiritual and worldly treasures are in total harmony. The Piazza Di Miracoli - The Square of Miracles - encircles the majestic Leaning Tower. Several historic places of interest and ancient buildings such as the impressive, Tour Hassan, are to be found in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. The entrance gates to this area are protected by proud Horse Guards in traditional uniform. Their sharp-pointed lances symbolize the historic military power of the former leaders of the Almohad Dynasty and the largest mosque in North Africa was built here. Today the vast marble floor and the bases of several pillars indicate the huge dimensions of the unfinished mosque. In the East Asian landscape of Myanmar, formerly Burma, is a proud and historic landmark. After a fascinating hour long boat trip on the country's largest river, the Ayeyarwady, we arrive at Mingun. This friendly and hospitable village is well known by both foreign and native visitors. Typical bullock carts are perfect for a journey into this region's past. Mezquita Cathedral is one of the most important historical monuments in Cordoba, a beautiful city in southern Spain and former residence of the Moorish Caliphs. This was once their centre of power and in 756 A.D. Abderram?n The First founded the Omaijad Empire of Al Andalus. Lying to the south of the Caribbean island of Cuba, Trinidad was founded by the Spaniard, Velazquez, as a third settlement. In the eighteenth century, and as an intermediate stop prior to the conquest of Mexico, the city experienced wealth and recognition through the cultivation of sugar cane. The Venice of the Far East: this is the affectionate description given to the historic old Chinese town of Lijiang in the north west province of Yunnan. Dayan, Lijiang's old town, contains an intriguing variety of canals and waterways.
  6. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : CMOS2915

    Monumental Treasures Of The World, Episode 1 - DVD.
    Cosmos Global Documentaries. 52 Minutes. Various Locations In Peru, Portugal, China, Spain, Greece & Thailand High in the Peruvian Andes there is a place of sun worship and mysterious ritual, Machu Picchu. Even today the Lost City of the Inca's is like an amazing castle with steep ravines on three sides and on the fourth, a protective mountain range. The warm light of the first rays of sunshine penetrates through the evening mist and, as with each morning, the mysterious, weather-beaten ruined city rises once again. Through entrances of sculptured stone blocks "Guard Houses" appear. Walls and embankments seem to defend the inner ruins, with its temples and places of cultural interest, from unwelcome guests. From seamless stone blocks it seems that even today, five hundred years after being built, its flourishing life of yesteryear wants to reveal itself yet again. The Torre De Belem is one of the main landmarks of the Portuguese metropolis of Lisbon. Equally, it is a reminder of the importance of Portugal as a military and naval power in past centuries. Hundreds of sea voyages to India and Africa embarked from the mouth of the river Tejo, spreading word of Portugal's new-found glory around the world. The influences of many countries are to be found in the construction of this fortification. Byzantine, Venetian and also Arabian, even Indian building elements combine in the Torre de Belem in monumental Manuelism style. The famous discoverer Marco Polo called the Chinese city of Suzhou, The Venice of the East. But unlike in Italy, countless bicycles are part of daily life in this modern city. However, Suzhou is more well known for its gardens. Beautiful bridges span across its canals while run down houses indicate the meagre financial resources of their inhabitants. The city's more impressive and elegant buildings date back to Suzhou's long and glorious past, such as the town gate and wall of Pan Men. In southern Spain, majestically, yet mysteriously, the legendary Alhambra proudly rises above Granada's atmospheric old town. Curiously, the history of the Alhambra began with the gradual decline of the Islamic empire of the Moorish, Al-Andalus. After C?rdoba, the former centre of power of the Caliphs fell into the hands of the Christians in 1238, and Granada became the country's new capital city.
  7. $69.99 DVD Set of 6 All Regions Worldwide + $8.50 p&h or $18.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : QUES2914

    Mystic Lands - Travel Video - DVD.
    6 Hours. Come embark on an adventure of the soul. Academy Award nominee Edward James Olmos narrates this mesmerizing thirteen-part series that guides viewers on an epic journey to some of the world's most sacred places. Reverent, historically accurate, and beautifully photographed, Mystic Lands chronicles a diverse array of spiritual practices around the world, including the established monotheistic practices of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Viewers will also experience the spirit life of devout ancient cultures, such as the Inca, Maya, and the pantheon of Olympic gods, as well as the Theraveda Buddhist and Nat worship practices of Myanmar, Tantric Buddhism in Bhutan, Hinduism in Bali and India, Voodoo in Haiti, and the mysterious Dreamtime rituals of Australia's aboriginal people. Disc #1: Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon - Discover an ancient world of magic and mystery that is nearly untouched by the modern age. Greece: Isle of Revelation - In this land of great beauty, the gods of old are an integral part of the culture. Extra Feature: Series director Chip Duncan introduces this compelling exploration of faith, religion, natural creation myths and celebrations of life and death. Disc #2: Peru: Kingdom in the Clouds - Unearth secrets of an ancient nation among the ruins of Machu Picchu. Egypt: Cycle of Life - Lavish tombs are testament to the pharaohs' quest for immortality. Extra Feature: Series director Chip Duncan reflects on the inspiration behind Mystic Lands, and the challenges and rewards of creating the series. Disc #3: Myanmar (Burma): Triumph of the Spirit - Faith and quiet devotion are a way of life in this reclusive nation, once known as Burma, shackled by military dictatorship and depression. The Taj Mahal: Heaven on Earth - The symbol of intensely spiritual India is the Taj Mahal, considered by many to be "the most beautiful building in the world." Extra Feature: Series composer Chris Spheeris talks about opening his ears and heart to the indigenous music on the series' evocative soundtrack. Disc #4: Anasazi: The Ancient Ones - Through oral traditions and the discovery of crumbled cities and villages, the story of the Anasazi is only beginning to unfold in the North American southwest. Haiti: Dance of the Spirit - This provocative program reveals the truth behind the mystical practice of the religion, Voodoo. Disc #5: Bali: Isle of 1,000 Temples - Observe the sacred ceremonies and rites with which the Balinese honor the powerful forces they believe govern life. Australia: Dreamtime - Australia's aboriginal people have a spiritual bond with the land based on myths, legends, mystical rites and exotic ceremonies. Disc #6: Maya: Messages in Stone - This powerful episode unearths the grand ruins and spiritual beliefs of the Maya in Central America. Jerusalem: Mosaic of Faith - The holy city of Jerusalem is a spiritual crossroads for the devout, and a wellspring of all that is sacred to Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Varanasi: City of Light - This fascinating program explores beliefs, rituals and ceremonies observed in the Hindus' journey toward enlightenment.
  8. $39.95 DVD

    Item Code : READ2913

    Great Wonders of the World - Travel Video - DVD.
    4 Hours. Set of 3 Discs. Bring home the wonders of nature in this two-DVD set. Disc #1: Wonders of Man and Nature - When the urge to build conspires with a vision of beauty, man creates an enduring legacy that is seen in the Colosseum, Machu Picchu, the Great Wall, the Kremlin, Versailles, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and Mount Rushmore. Nature reveals its magnificence in many different and special ways, as the Grand Canyon, the Serengeti, the Sahara Desert, Iguazu Falls, the Amazon River, Ayers Rock, and the Himalayas show. Disc #2: Wonders Sacred and Mysterious - See six supreme examples of man's architectural achievements, such as Stonehenge, the Great Pyramids, Hagia Sophia, Borodudur, St. Peter's Basilica, and the Taj Mahal. These six wonders offer a strange sense of order, fulfillment and spiritual enlightenment, as well as mystery. They are places we are drawn to in our quest for forgiveness, purification, and peace. Disc #3: Symphony of Wonders - Some of the most beautiful and stirring music from around the world provides the accompaniment for a breathtaking international tour of all that is exotic and magnificent. Stunning scenes of the Sahara, the Amazon, Iguazu Falls, Borodudur, the Taj Mahal, Hagia Sophia, and the Great Pyramids are interwoven with the musical works and native instruments of South America, the Far East, and the Middle East. There are also the wonderful sights and sounds of Europe and America to savor. Visit Mount Rushmore while listening to Glory Hallelujah! Ponder the mystery of Stonehenge to the haunting strains of a Celtic air. Or admire St. Peter's Basilica while a choir sings Gloria In Excelsis Deo. All this and much more makes Symphony of Wonders a virtual feast for the eyes and ears.
  9. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : QUES2912

    5000 Years of Magnificent Wonders: Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - Travel Video.
    DVD. 120 Minutes. See Them As They First Appeared! From the world's largest pyramid to the very first skyscraper, the Seven wonders of the Ancient World continue to inspire awe. They challenge their creators to conquer the scales of their ambitions. On-location footage, dramatic re-enactments and computer imagery combine to unlock the secrets of how the finest monuments of all time were constructed. Includes: The Pyramid of Giza-the last of the Seven Wonders still standing The Hanging Gardens of Babylon-a monument to love The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus-the largest temple ever built by Ancient Greeks The Pharos of Alexandria-once the tallest building on earth The Statue of Zeus at Olympia-the greatest and grandest work in Greek sculpture Extra Features What did They Really Look Like? Alexander and the Seven Wonders The Seven Alternate Wonders 5000 Years Of Magnificent Wonders Discover the secrets of more than 60 of Man's most spectacular achievements from around the world. Who built them, and why? What inspired them? Why do these magnificent creations continue to instill a sense of awe-inspiring wonder? Spectacular photography, state-of-the-art computer animation, dramatic reenactments, and insightful commentary capture the astonishing beauty and power of 5000 Years Of Magnificent Wonders to experience time and again.
  10. $69.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide set of 6 + $8.50 p&h or $18.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : QUES2911

    5000 Years of Magnificent Wonders - Deluxe Boxed Set - DVD.
    6 Discs. 11 Hours. Here in one box set are over sixty-seven of man's most spectacular achievements from around the world. Learn the secrets behind history's most awe-inspiring creations. What inspired them? Why do these magnificent creations continue to instill a sense of awe-inspiring wonder? Spectacular photography, state of the art computer animation, and insightful commentary capture the astonishing beauty and power of 5,000 Years of Magnificent Wonders to experience time and again. Disc #1: World Wonders Beyond Time - They are tombs, temples, shrines and monuments: wonders sacred, mysterious and breathtaking to behold. Discover their histories and probe their mysteries in this mesmerizing program that travels the world to bring home incomparable sites that continue to fascinate and inspire. $_$_START_LIST ? The Taj Mahal - a king's towering monument to his queen. ? Stonehenge - the world's most famous and mysterious prehistoric site. ? Machu Picchu - the extraordinary and enigmatic Inca ruin. ? Mount Rushmore - a man's daring dream comes to life on a mountain's granite canvas. ? Angkor Wat - a map in stone of the mythological Hindu cosmos. ? The Great Wall of China - the largest edifice ever built by man. $_$_END_LIST Disc #2: Secrets of the Holy Land - For every secret revealed in the Holy Land, hundreds more hide between its stones and its caves. What makes this land holy? What beckons millions of pilgrims from around the world every year? On-location footage, dramatic re-enactments, and illuminating commentary reveal the histories and probe the mysteries behind the Holy Land's most inspiring and compelling sites. Includes: $_$_START_LIST ? The Church of the Nativity - what bloodthirsty secret does one of the holiest places in Christendom conceal? ? Mount Sinai - stand where Moses received the Ten Commandments. ? Galilee - the land of Jesus and his miracles. ? Jerusalem - the humble beginnings of the holiest place on Earth. ? Masada - the stone fortress where 1,000 Jews defied the mightiest empire on Earth. $_$_END_LIST Extra Features: The Mystery of the Lost Ark; The Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls; The Gates of Jerusalem (narrated by Richard Kiley). Disc #3: Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - From the world's largest pyramid to the very first skyscraper, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World continue to inspire awe. They challenged their creators to conquer the scales of their ambitions. On-location footage, dramatic re-enactments and computer imagery combine to unlock the secrets of how the finest monuments of all time were constructed. Includes: $_$_START_LIST ? The Pyramid of Giza - the last of the Seven Wonders still standing. ? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon - a monument to love. ? The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus - the largest temple ever built by Ancient Greeks. ? The Pharos of Alexandria - once the tallest building on Earth. ? The Statue of Zeus at Olympia - the greatest and grandest work in Greek sculpture. $_$_END_LIST Extra Features: What did they really look like?; Alexander and the Seven Wonders; The Seven Alternate Wonders. Disc #4: Ancient Greece - Explore the birthplace of Western civilization and extraordinary legends to discover how the Ancient Greeks used imagination and inventiveness, courage and conviction to lead architecture into the modern world. On-location footage, computer modeling and scholarly commentary illuminate how the Greeks were able to realize so many groundbreaking and unique engineering innovations at the dawn of European history. Includes: $_$_START_LIST ? The Palace of Knossos - did this building house the terrifying Minotaur? ? The Theatre of Epidaurus - a front row seat for this dazzling feat of engineering. ? The Colossus of Rhodes - a lost triumph that has baffled experts for centuries. ? The Lost City of Atlantis - join the search for this legendary lost civilization. ? The Parthenon - a scandalous foundation for the greatest wonder of ancient Greece. $_$_END_LIST Extra Features: Acropolis; Inside ancient Greece. Disc #5: Ancient Rome - How did the Romans create wonders of architecture and engineering way beyond anything ever seen before? This fascinating program reveals the stories and secrets behind the masterpieces that transformed Rome into the last superpower of the ancient world. State of the art digital effects recreate each wonder as it appeared centuries ago. Includes: $_$_START_LIST ? Circus Maximus - twice the number of spectators as today's biggest stadiums. ? Trajan's Forum - the world's first indoor shopping mall. ? The Baths of Caracalla - the most lavish public building ever conceived. ? The Pantheon - the largest domed temple of its time in the world. ? The Coliseum - what chilling stories are locked within its dark corridors? $_$_END_LIST Extra Features: Coliseum, House of Terror; Flamma, Gladiator Superstar; Fearful Facts; Inside Ancient Rome. Disc #6: Ancient Egypt - Uncover the secrets of Ancient Egypt's visionary pharaohs, engineers, and architects who created some of the finest monuments the world has ever seen. On-location footage and computer modeling recreate architectural landmarks that continue to enthrall and inspire. Noted historians and Egyptologists reveal the highly advanced construction techniques used to create such wonders as: $_$_START_LIST ? The Sphinx - what secrets lie behind its silent gaze? ? Hatshepsut's Temple - why was the face of the Pharaoh erased? ? The Valley of the Kings - how did the Pharaoh reach the afterlife? ? Karnak Temple Complex - who tore it apart? ? Temple of Ramses the Great - how could it vanish for thousands of years? $_$_END_LIST Extra Features: Cleopatra; Treasures of Tutankhamen.
  11. $39.95 set of 2 Blu-ray Disc

    Item Code : READ2909

    Scenic Walks around the World - Historic Pathways - Travel Video - Blu-ray Disc (Plus Combo Pack).
    1 Hour and 57 minutes. This is one of Readers Digest's first two titles ever available on Blu-ray! Program One - Historic Pathways: Machu Picchu, Umbria, The Cathar Trail - Unforgettable landscapes, spectacular scenery and ancient wonders await you in glorious HD. There is so much nature to be enjoyed when you leave the roadways behind and head out into the footpaths of history. Venture along Machu Picchu's thick forests, mountain passes, and stunning vistas. Explore the Medieval cities bordered by lush vineyards and olive groves in Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy. The success of the book and movie of "the Da Vinci Code" has fed a new awakening of interest in the Languedoc region of Southwestern France and its fabulous Cathar castles. The Cathar Trail invites walkers to travel through time' over 155 miles of breathtaking countryside. This program takes you to the path less traveled and unveils its natural wonder and amazing secrets. Program Two - The Great Wall of China - Walk back in time to the Ming dynasty as you encounter the 4,000 mile wonder of China's Great Wall and travel along the legendary Silk Road. It tells a tale of the great power of ancient dyanties, and the immense beauty possible in the fortification of borders. Blu-ray Plus Combo Pack- In addition to the Blu-ray disc, this combo pack also includes: 1. DVD version of the program(s) that you can play in your DVD player, vehicle or computer. 2. Digital copy of the program that you can download to your computer and/or transfer to your mobile devices.
  12. $39.95 set of 2 Blu-ray Disc

    Item Code : READ2908

    Scenic Walks of the World - Our Dramatic Planet - Travel Video - Blu-ray Disc (Plus Combo Pack).
    2 Hours and 14 minutes. This is one of Readers Digest's first two titles ever available on Blu-ray! Program One: Our Dramatic Planet: Kilimanjaro's Kibo Summit, New Zealand's Hollyford Track, and Grand Canyon - Kilimanjaro is not only the highest mountain in Africa, it is also one of the biggest volcanoes on Earth, covering an area of approximately 9.6 million acres. At 19,340 feet, the Kibo Summit is the highest point in Africa and the goal of just about every Kilimanjaro trekker. Step into the most beautiful hiking adventure in New Zealand: Hollyford Track sits near Milford Sound on New Zealand's South Island. The hike there promises you everything from snow-capped mountains and glaciers, to rainforests, rivers and waterfalls, to sand-dunes, reefs and surf. The dramatic diversity of wildlife in this valley is unparalleled, a world unto itself. Nearly five million people visit the mile deep Grand Canyon each year--yet most of them see it from their car. Here we take a deeper look into the Canyon as the world's top HD cinematographers take you deep inside one of nature's great wonders. Over 6 million years ago, the deep-cutting waters of the Colorado River began to carve out the Canyon. Program Two - Romance With Nature: Ireland's Dingle Way, Alaska's Chilkoot Pass, and Austria's Salzkammergut - Situated in the remote south west of Ireland, the Dingle Way is one of over thirty Irish long-distance walking trails. The trail is 111 miles long and takes an average of eight-nine days to walk. The diversity of different landscapes makes the Dingle Way a very popular trail to many. Then, we see Alaska's most famous trail and its most historic. Alaska's Chilkoot Trail spans thirty-three miles and reveals a storied history of early prospectors, as part of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. Finally, we travel to a popular destination in Austria--Salzkammergut, a diverse region of sparkling lakes and thick, forested hills flanked by small romantic towns and villages. Blu-ray Plus Combo Pack- In addition to the Blu-ray disc, this combo pack also includes: 1. DVD version of the program(s) that you can play in your DVD player, vehicle or computer. 2. Digital copy of the program that you can download to your computer and/or transfer to your mobile devices.
  13. $69.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide + $8.80 p&h or $18.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : READ2907

    Scenic Wilderness of the World - Travel Video - Boxed Set - DVD.
    8 Hours. Disc 1: Across the Great Divide - Discover the Canadian wilderness' unique spirit as you follow the wilderness path west, across the Great Plains into the Rocky Mountains, and through forbidding canyons to the Pacific Ocean. Uncover rich deposits of dinosaur fossils beneath the valleys of the Badlands, hear the echo of clashing bighorn sheep, and explore Queen Charlotte Islands, where richly carved totem poles still stand as a testament to an ancient artistic tradition. Disc 2: Land of Extremes - Venture deep into the heart of the majestic north to marvel at the world's largest freshwater delta, host to a million and a half birds in migration every year, visit a family of peregrine falcons as they raise their young on exposed cliff ledges, gaze in awe upon the spectacular Virginia Falls, and discover why polar bears gather at the Hudson Bay's shoreline each winter. Disc 3: The Wild Shore - You will brave treacherous waters off Anticosti Island, the graveyard of the gulf, cruise Quebec's spectacular St. Lawrence River, immerse yourself in the Bruce Peninsula's pristine forests, and join the largest caribou herd in the world on an instinctive journey across lakes, rivers, and mountains. Disc 4: Splendors of Nature and Wonders of Nature - Around the globe, the changing seasons set a stage for which extraordinary landscapes and magnificent wildlife interact. Snow monkeys in Shiga Heights, known as the Japanese Alps, take refuge from the grueling winter in mineral-rich hot springs. A massive herd of caribou embarks on their summer migration across the vast Alaskan tundra. You will also explore such wonders of nature as the Grand Canyon, the Serengeti, Iguazu Falls, and Ayers Rock. Disc 5: Scenic Wonders of America (Parts I and II) - Go West to experience some of America's most magnificent scenic highlights, including the Badlands in South Dakota, Devil's Tower in Wyoming, Glacier National Park in Montana, Yellowstone National Park, and Bryce and Zion Canyons in Utah. America's Eastern coast thrives with wonders of indescribable beauty, including Florida's everglades, and the Great Smokey Mountains. Disc 6: Scenic Wonders of America (Part III) - From dramatically crashing waves and a densely lush rainforest to icy glaciers, spend an enthralling hour touring America's Pacific frontiers, including Death Valley, Glacier Bay National Park, Big Sur, Yosemite National Park, Mount Ranier, and Hawaii's Haleakala National Park, where rare nene birds take shelter in the crater of a dormant volcano.
  14. $69.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide + $8.80 p&h or $18.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : READ2906

    Scenic Walks of the World - Travel Video - Boxed Set - DVD.
    9 Hours and 30 Minutes. Disc 1: Experience Our Dramatic Planet in all its splendor! You will be mesmerized by New Zealand's Tongariro National Park with its glistening glaciers, ancient forests and eerie volcanic landscapes. Explore Kilimanjaro through four seasons and five climate zones, and discover the Grand Canyon's secret worlds. Disc 2: Romance with Nature will make you swoon with its dazzling footage of Ireland's pristine coasts and gentle hills, Austria's majestic Alps and historic castles, and Alaska's untouched and untamed wilderness, including encounters with Alaskan wildlife and the icy paradise of Glacier Bay. Disc 3: Follow Historic Pathways and discover the secrets of an ancient civilization as you venture through Macchu Picchu's thick forests and dramatic mountain passes. You will also explore medieval cities surrounded by vineyards and hillsides covered in olive groves in Italy's Umbria, discover the heart of America on the Appalachian Trail, and walk along the Great Wall of China and the legendary Silk Road. Disc 4: Wonders Sacred and Mysterious & Wonders of Man's Creation capture the awe-inspiring grandeur of astonishing and enduring man-made monuments, including Stonehenge, the Great Pyramids, St. Peter's Basilica, the Taj Mahal, the Colosseum, the Kremlin, Versailles, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and Mount Rushmore. Disc 5: Incredible Journeys, Parts One and Two are your passport to dramatic and fascinating travel experiences, including a ride on the legendary and luxurious Orient Express to Italy. You will journey into the past on an archeological dig to uncover the buried secrets of the ancient city of Pompeii, cruise up the eternal Nile in Egypt, discover Shangri-La in the Himalayas of Nepal, and much more. Disc 6: Incredible Journeys, Part Three concludes an unforgettable excursion around the world with more once-in-a-lifetime travel adventures, including a dogsled ride under the shadow of Mt. McKinley, an expedition into the jungles of Ecuador, and an exploration of the beautiful and baffling Anasazi cliff dwellings in Colorado.
  15. $24.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : DOUG2905

    Great Wonders Of The World - Travel Video - VHS.
    Welcome to the Wonders of the World! Today we explore great natural wonders from the Grand Canyon to Ayres Rock to the Glaciers of Alaska. Ride a gondola down the Grand Canal of Venice, watch the QE2 transit the Panama Canal, see the Christ the Redeemer Statue towering over Rio, watch exploding volcanoes in Hawaii, wander through the gardens of Singapore, sail through Milford Sound in New Zealand, Marvel at the Kamakura Buddha in Japan and much much more. c2000. 85 minutes.
  16. $69.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide Set of 6 + $8.50 p&h or $18.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : READ2904

    Great Wonders & Splendors of the World - Travel Video - DVD.
    6 Hours. Explore the world's greatest creations, from the natural to the man-made, that have left indelible impressions on countless generations with their beauty, scale and style. From Australia's Great Barrier Reef to China's Forbidden City; the Great Pyramids to the Grand Canyon--travel to the world's most breathtaking sites, monuments, palaces and natural wonders. Disc #1: Wonders of Nature - Although nature's many miracles evoke a sense of wonder, specific examples of magnificence are revealed to us in many different and special ways. Some of these examples include the Grand Canyon, the Serengeti, the Sahara Desert, Iguazi Falls, the Amazon River, Ayers Rock, and the Himalayas. Disc #2: Wonders Sacred & Mysterious - Experience six supreme examples of man's attempt to honor the mysteries of life by creating monuments of astonishing beauty. Includes sights from Stonehenge, the Great Pyramids, Hagia Sophia, Borobudur, St. Peter's Basilica, and the Taj Mahal. Disc #3: Wonders of Man's Creation - When the urge to build is combined with a vision of beauty, man leaves behind an enduring mark on an ever-changing world. Features such sites as the Colosseum, Machu Picchu, the Great Wall, the Kremlin, the palace of Versailles, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and Mount Rushmore. Disc #4: Splendors of Nature - Travel the world to experience splendors unknown to past generations. Witness the incomparable beauty of the natural world: Bengal Tigers of Autumn, Snow Monkeys of Winter, The Great Barrier Reef in Spring, Caribou of Summer, and Victoria Falls. Disc #5: Ancient Splendors - Take a world tour of the wonders, mysteries and achievements wrought by civilizations long ago. See the Temples of Egypt, the Lost City of the Maya, the Acropolis of Ancient Greece, and Angkor Wat. Disc #6: Imperial Splendors - See rare and beautiful monuments of powerful empires and splendid courts. Ponder the bittersweet reminders of those who once conquered, ruled and flourished. Experience such sites as Xanadu, the Forbidden City, Alhambra, Summer Palace, and Neuschwanstein.
  17. $59.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide + $8.80 p&h or $18.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : QUES2903

    Amazing Planet Earth - Travel Video - DVD.
    7 Hours. Disc 1 - The Island Continent reveals Australia's diverse landscapes, from arid deserts to lush rainforests. Beginning deep in the Outback at Ayers Rock, this program visits the Land Down Under's many exotic locations and natural wonders, including the Great Barrier Reef. In the Middle Kingdom visits China's most awe-inspiring landmarks, including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and Victoria Peak, and reveals its many surprises. Disc 2 - From Egypt to Israel begins with a leisurely cruise on the Nile and proceeds to a remarkable array of magnificent destinations, including a lively bazaar in Cairo, King Tut's treasures in the Egyptian Museum, the mystifying Pyramids of Giza, and Jerusalem's most iconic sites, including Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the mountain fortress, Masada. Disc 3 - Explore the Kingdom of the West and discover the majesty and grandeur of Yosemite, Glacier, and Yellowstone National Parks. Land of the Red Rocks tours the American Southwest's breathtaking desert masterpieces, including Rainbow Bridge, the largest known land bridge in existence, the Anasazi Indians' astonishing cliff dwellings in Colorado's Mesa Verde, the towering Hoodoos in Bryce National Park, and the Grand Canyon. Disc 4 - This program conjures up some Mediterranean Magic with unforgettable visits to Greece and Italy's most fascinating places, including the ruins of the Acropolis, the whitewashed buildings of the Isle of Santorini, the haunting canals of Venice, the Renaissance treasures of Florence, Vatican City, and Rome's mighty Coliseum. Disc 5 - Surprises of the Great White North uncovers Alaska and Canada's national treasures and basks in their natural wonders. Your once-in-a-lifetime experience includes kayaking through Alaska's Inside Passage for a close-up look at might humpback whales, drives through breathtaking forests, mountains and streams that adorn the Alaskan Highway, close encounters with the polar bears of Churchill, Manitoba, and rides on fast dogsleds and even faster bobsleds. Disc 6 - Wondrous Kingdom captures the British Isles at its most mysterious and magnificent, with visits to such landmarks as Stonehenge, the Tower of London, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral and Buckingham Palace. In Scotland, you will hear the legends of the witches and ghosts who haunt Edinburgh's streets, and then sail out into Loch Ness and keep a lookout for its fabled monster. In Ireland, you will visit two of the Emerald Isle's most famous relics: the Book of Kells and the Blarney Stone.
  18. $59.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide set of 6 + $8.50 p&h or $18.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : QUES2902

    Rudy Maxa: World Exotic Places - Boxed Set - DVD.
    340 Minutes. Explore the world s most exotic places in style with Rudy Maxa. Welcome to Rudy Maxa's World, the ultimate travel experience with America's leading high-end travel expert. Join Rudy Maxa, public radio's original Savvy Traveler and contributing editor for National Geographic Traveler magazine, for an unforgettable tour of the fascinating cities and regions that have captivated world travelers for centuries. Disc 1: INDIA Delhi & Agra Rajasthan Plunge right in to Northern India's intoxicating mix of riotous pandemonium and sublime beauty, from Old Delhi's teeming streets to the magnificent man-made wonder, the Taj Mahal. Rajasthan beckons with its irresistible lure of brilliant colors and ghostly twilights. Disc 2: Turkey Istanbul Turquoise Coast Explore Istanbul's festive Grand Bazaar, more than 4,000 shops and two mosques spread across 60 streets, as well as some of the world's great buildings Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, and the Hagia Sofia. Take a Blue Cruise along the dazzling Turquoise Coast to discover enchanting Greek and Roman ruins. Disc 3: Thailand Bangkok Golden Triangle Andaman Coast Join Rudy as he explores all of Bangkok's nooks and crannies. In the heart of Thailand's Golden Triangle, take an idyllic long-tailed boat ride along the Kok River. The Andaman Coast offers a spectacular island paradise. Disc 4: Russia & Estonia St Petersburg Tallin & the Islands Bring the champagne and caviar as you explore St. Petersburg s canals aboard a private water taxi and marvel at the opulence of the Winter Palace. In Tallin, you'll join the party seekers as they enjoy the city's legendary nightlife. Disc 5: Argentina Buenos Aires Mendoza Rudy takes tango to the max as he gets into the spirit of Buenos Aires, where the Portenos; live their lives with passion and flair. In Mendoza, Rudy toasts the rising influence of Argentinean wines, as he explores this vintner's paradise. Disc 6: Japan Tokyo Kyoto Rudy can't get enough of the sheer vitality and excitement of Tokyo. In Kyoto, gain an appreciation for the beauty in everyday life as Rudy visits a 15th-century Zen garden and strolls the Philosopher's Walk, the most popular place to take in spring flowers.
  19. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : IMAX2900

    The Greatest Places - DVD.
    IMAX. Avery Brooks narrates this program that takes viewers on a journey to some of the most geographically dynamic locations on the Earth and captures each location's unique beauty and natural phenomena. Locations include the Amazon, Greenland, Iguacu Falls, Namib Desert, Okavango Delta, Madagascar and Tibet. Originally shot in IMAX format, this film is a presentation of the Science Museum of Minnesota, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, St. Louis Science Center and Cincinnati Museum Center. 40 minutes Witness the greatest collection of diversity ever produced. The Greatest Places is a large-format film that takes you on a journey to seven of the most geographically dynamic locations on Earth. AMAZON - This mightiest of rivers forms a network of water channels that permeates nearly half of South America. GREENLAND - Harsh, foreboding and almost completely buried beneath a cap of permanent ice and snow. Greenland is the world's largest island. It is estimated that some 10,000 to 15,000 icebergs are calved by Greenland's glaciers each year. IGUAZU FALLS - Strung out along the rim of a crescent-shaped cliff about 2.5 miles long, some 275 individual cascades and waterfalls plummet up to 269 feet into the gorge below. The thunderous roaring can be heard from miles away. NAMIB DESERT - Stretching 1,200 miles in length, but averaging a width of only 70 miles, the Namib Desert is home to the highest sand dunes in the world. OKAVANGO DELTA - A 6,000 square-mile maze of lagoons, channels and islands helps Okavango earn the description "the river that never finds the sea." Think hippos are nice and slow? Think again! Ever try making your own paper? The first paper was made out of papyrus, still found in Okavango. MADAGASCAR - The world's fourth largest island is currently home to a rich diversity of wildlife, including lemurs, chameleons, spiny globefish, and up to 10,000 species of flora, 80 percent of which are found nowhere else on Earth! TIBET - The Chang Tang plateau, at an average height of 15,000 feet, gives birth to many of Asias's mightiest rivers. Additional Features & Details ~ Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo Features: Chapter Select, Interactive Menu, Separate Film Score Audio Track Technical: Single Layer, Single Sided, Full Screen DVD Encoding: Region 1 Language: English, French, German Subtitle: English
  20. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : READ2899

    Journey of a Lifetime - Travel Video - DVD.
    Reader's Digest. 2 Hours and 50 minutes. Imagine taking an entire year to travel around the world, experiencing its most spectacular places, each at the ideal time of year. Luxuriant coastlines, glowing deserts, wild and untamed places, and vibrant, sophisticated cities await you in a global odyssey as thrilling, thought provoking and wondrous as the world itself. The following magnificent programs make up this DVD: Africa and Asia - $_$_START_LIST ? Africa's wildebeest migration ? Kenya's wild savannah, and Victoria Falls' tumbling waters ? A steam train ride up India's Nilgiris Mountains ? A close encounter with the rare Bengal tiger in the hot deserts of Rajasthan ? The Buddhist festival at Gasa Dzong deep in the Himalayas ? China's Great Wall and Beijing $_$_END_LIST Europe and the Middle East - $_$_START_LIST ? New Year's Eve in Paris ? Lapland's stunning Northern Lights ? Carnival in Venice; Egypt's awe-inspiring tombs ? Easter morning in Jerusalem ? The Lost City of Petra's archaeological splendors $_$_END_LIST Australia to the Americas - $_$_START_LIST ? The Great Barrier Reef in Australia ? Hawaii's volcanoes ? The Grand Canyon by mule and the Colorado River by white water raft ? The savage and untamed Andes ? New England's autumn display ? Christmas in New York $_$_END_LIST

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