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London Travel Videos, DVD, Touring, Sightseeing, Vacation, Destination


  1. $19.99 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : QUES1677

    The Tower of London - Travel Video.
    DVD. 45 Minutes. Walk the corridors of the Tower of London--a royal palace, fortress, and prison, and the site 900 years of London's legendary political triumphs and world-shaking personal tragedies. Begin in the renowned White Tower, once home of great monarchs. Visit the Wakefield Tower, where Henry VI was murdered, and the Bloody Tower, where Sir Walter Raleigh spent thirteen years as a prisoner. Imagine the anguish of eminent nobles as they approached Tower Green toward their own executions. Take a close look at the Crown Jewels, inlaid with historical gems--the most famous, and well guarded, treasure in the country. See the impressive armories within these great stone walls and learn of the fascinating legends that still haunt this historic shrine.
  2. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : DOUG1668

    Royal London (1991) - Travel Video.
    DVD. A Doug Jones Travelog. 80 Minutes. Welcome to Royal London! Join Doug Jones, one of America's premier travelogue producers, on an exciting tour of Royal London. See this celebrated city through the eyes and times of the monarchs who have ruled London. Visit Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. See the Crown Jewels, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court, St. Paul's Cathedral, Greenwich Observatory, the great country houses and Kew Gardens. Join a London couple for tea, wander through the Brighton Pavilion, stand before the Houses of Parliament, and climb to the top of the clock tower and watch Big Ben strike twelve! You will also see historic footage of the abdication of Edward the VII, you'll watch Queen Elizabeth II at the Trooping of the Colours, ride a double-decker bus, journey under London on the "tube," see the banking capital of the world, visit a brewery, shop at Fortnum and Mason, relax in the parklands, see Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum and Piccadilly Circus at night. Your journey will conclude with a stirring tribute to Sir Winston Churchill, the Battle of Britain and London's rebirth. All this and much more awaits you in this grand tour of one of the world's great cities; a video journey you'll enjoy time and time again.
  3. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : PGAS1666

    Working on Canals - Travel Video.
    DVD. Narrowboats. 60 Minutes. For a brief spell in history 'canal mania' swept the land, but when the railways came steaming over the horizon, the canals were abandoned in favor of speed. Yet the canals survived on a reduced scale, and necessity proved to be the mother of invention. With reduced wages the boatmen were forced to take their families with them to live aboard the narrowboats, and a community of working canal folk took to the water. Follow this fascinating journey to discover what it was really like to work on the waterways of Britain. From the men who dug the canals and the great engineers responsible for their construction, through to the strong and resourceful boatmen, find out how they all played their part in keeping the wheels of the Industrial Revolution turning. In more recent years the canals have regained their popularity, but this time with holidays afloat. An entire leisure and tourism industry has developed that has ensured the restoration and conservation of the waterways for everyone to enjoy, bringing a whole new meaning to the term 'Working on the Canals'.
  4. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : PGAS1665

    Tales - Travel Video.
    DVD. Narrowboats. 60 Minutes. As with many things, it's the people, their stories and their experiences that can best describe life aboard a narrowboat. Join us in this program as we meet a wealth of characters and personalities who are united in their love of days spent on the canal. Life on a narrowboat may be taken at a slower pace but it is never dull - missing bridges, ghostly goings-on, undiscovered murders, and more than a fair share of people falling overboard: these are the tales of life on the waterways.
  5. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : WDST1664

    Stratford - Travel Video.
    DVD. World Destinations. 27 Minutes. Shakespeare's country centers around the historic town of Stratford-Upon-Avon.
  6. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : PGAS1663

    Holidaying on the Canals - Travel Video.
    DVD. Narrowboats. 60 Minutes. When James Brindley designed and built his first canal in the 1760s to transport coal to Manchester, had someone told him that in the 21st Century people from all over the world would be taking their holidays on his 'Stinking Ditches' as his critics dubbed the canals, it's fair to say the brilliant young engineer would have laughed out loud! But this is precisely what has happened and today the British inland waterways are becoming an ever more popular holiday destination, as narrowboats transport visitors back in time, to experience a slower pace of life, while traveling through an unspoiled country landscape. Travel into the heart of Britain's waterways and see for yourself why narrowboat holidays have enjoyed such a revival, as the stressed and strained from every walk of life search for peace and tranquility, relaxation and escapism. Follow the course of a narrowboat holiday from planning through to confident navigation and lock operation. See the sights, walk the towpaths and take a peek into the secret treasures of the canals and rivers of Britain. If you're planning a narrowboat holiday, you'll be inspired, but should you prefer to enjoy the experience from the comfort of your armchair, sit back and relax, welcome aboard.
  7. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : WDST1662

    Edinburgh - Travel Video.
    DVD. World Destinations. 27 Minutes. Scotland's historic capital is one of the world's most beautiful cities.
  8. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : PGAS1661

    A Novices Guide - Travel Video.
    DVD. Narrowboats. 55 Minutes. Canals are part of our cultural heritage but today, what was the commercial network of the industrial revolution, has become the leisure playground of boat-owners and holiday-makers who wish to take the time to discover the wealth and beauty of the canal system. A holiday on board a narrowboat is a perfect way to see what life afloat is all about. If setting off at the tiller of a 60-foot narrowboat is a little daunting, this program is just the introduction you need as we look at how to handle a boat, the things to take care over and safety requirements, as well as navigation, planning and buying supplies.
  9. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : PGAS1660

    A Guide to Buying and Owning - Travel Video.
    DVD. Narrowboats. 55 Minutes. More people than ever are turning their backs on traditional ways of living and taking to the water as a choice of lifestyle. Buying and living aboard a narrowboat is one such choice, one that is proving an attractive way of living to thousands of people all over the country. This program will look in detail at the differences between traditional and contemporary narrowboats and examine some of the basics one needs to consider before buying a boat. From construction and design to decoration, from types of mooring to maintenance and supplies, all aspects of owning a narrowboat are looked at, many in the company of the people who really know, narrowboat owners themselves.
  10. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : WDST1659

    London - Travel Video.
    DVD. World Destinations. 27 Minutes. Great Britain's Center for government and commerce, this capital city is cosmopolitan in its outlook and its inhabitants.
  11. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL1657

    Tower of London and Tower Bridge London, London - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. The Tower Of London is the home of the Crown Jewels and one of the many historical sights of the United Kingdom's capital city. Just as with the British Empire, the Tower has a colourful and dramatic past and it was originally designed as a fortress by William The Conqueror. Not far from the Tower's original main entrance prisoners were taken through Traitors' Gate into the notorious dungeons. In1843 the moat dried up but the old fortress and its towers have survived to the present day. It must have been a terrifying experience to be imprisoned there and few prisoners lived to tell the tale of the rigors of the Tower. Many members of the English royal family were executed in the Tower but there were times when official execution was replaced by cold-blooded murder. Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry The Eighth, was the most famous of those who fell victim to the Tower. Tower Bridge is a masterpiece of Victorian technology and construction. Its drawbridge once allowed large sailing ships to travel to the centre of the city. Today, however, the majority of large ships dock downstream and now the famous old bridge is raised around 900 times each year to facilitate the passage of numerous vessels that travel along the Thames. Even today the River Thames is ruled by this majestic bridge and the spectacular view from the Bridge's 50 metre high walkway is truly fascinating. Tower Bridge and the Tower Of London are without any doubt two of London's most striking and fascinating landmarks.
  12. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : ALTR1656

    London - Travel Video.
    DVD. Alternate Routes. 30 Minutes. After finishing high school, two girls from Boston get their first taste of freedom in London, London while meeting other like-minded travellers at St.Christopher's Inn.Sightings of the Queen and late night partying in an underground club highlight their visit. Experience the rush of traveling the world for the first time with a crew of international back-packers, ages 16 - 22 on their quest for adventure, romance and the perfect moment.A variety of hosts from around the globe and the young people they hook up with on location are relentless in their pursuit of fun (and don't forget that culture, mate!). America girls explore Rome, Brits take on Thailand and things get wild when the Aussie's arrive in Copenhagen. Five continents. Unlimited Adventure. Take the alternate route, dude.
  13. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : ABCD1655

    London - Travel Video.
    DVD. ABCD. 47 Minutes. London is a city of many faces. In this film, you'll visit the main artery of West End- Picadilly. Picadilly Circus Square, known for its neon lights, is today one of the most important cross roads of London. Walk down the famous shopping boulevard The Strand, and you'll also see West End, Leicester Square, Chinatown and Covent Garden where the Theatre Royal and Royal Opera House stand. From Trafalgar Square you'll go to Whitehall with the most famous London avenue - Downing Street. One of the most famous landmarks of London is Westminster Palace. The changing of the guards in front of Buckingham Palace is a popular tourist attraction. Down the river Thames you'll cruise to the Tower Bridge and visit the Docks of St. Catharine. Awaiting you behind the walls of the tower is the financial district of London. In South Kensington there are many museums and the famous concert auditorium the Royal Albert Hall. You'll also see Hyde Park, James Park and Regent's Park. In Baker Street you'll visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum and on Marylebone Street the renowned wax figurine museum Madame Tussaud's. In Greenwich you will visit the Old Royal Observatory. At the end of the film you will see London at night.
  14. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : CTIS1654

    London - Travel Video.
    DVD. Cities of the World. 60 Minutes. Everyone knows London. The red double-deckers, the black taxis, the red phone booths, the red brick buildings, the guards with the bearskin fur caps are well known by even those who have never been to the English capital. There are the legendary buildings: the clock-tower of the Parliament, the Big Ben, the Saint Paul Cathedral, the residence of the Queen, Buckingham Palace, the Westminster, the Tower and the famous bridge. There are lots of other things to see as well: there is the British Museum, the National Gallery, the Trafalgar Square, the Piccadilly Circus, the famous parks, the St. James and the Hyde, the rebuilt Globe Theatre, Madame Tussaud's, the Sherlock Holmes Museum, and the new pride of the city, the London Eye, not to mention the busy cultural life, the theatres, the restaurants of Soho and Covent Garden, and the uncountable number of pubs, where in the old days Shakespeare, Dickens or Churchill had their beers.
  15. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : VSTA1653

    London - Travel Video.
    DVD. Vista Point. 26 Minutes. London is an exciting and pulsating metropolis of the new millennium, a melting pot of both people and culture and a fascinating city of diverse contrasts. The City Of London contains the Tower, an historic landmark with a remarkable history. A mighty mediaeval fortress with thirteen towers that throughout its nine hundred years has served many functions and from the Middle Ages was a heavily fortified prison. After the medieval St. Paul`s Cathedral was destroyed by a devastating fire in1666, Christopher Wren was ordered to re-build it with a dome. During the thirty-six years of its construction its design was frequently altered until finally a wonderful masterpiece of church architecture was created. The Monument is the city's tallest freestanding stone column and a reminder of the Great Fire Of London that destroyed four fifths of the city. In four days and nights more than thirteen thousand buildings were destroyed and the Monument was built on the site of the bakery in which the fire began. Since the reign of Queen Victoria, Buckingham Palace has served as London's royal residence. A garden of mulberry trees once grew on the site of today's palace and the Duke Of Buckingham subsequently added a simple brick built residence. Around sixty years later George II purchased the site for his wife and George IV eventually began to design an extensive palace complex. The highlight of any holiday in London must be the largest Ferris wheel in the world, the London Eye. Situated on the banks of the Thames it rises high into the sky opposite the Houses Of Parliament and Big Ben. The former centre of the largest empire in the world, London is still a city of superlatives that attracts millions of visitors each year. Exciting both day and night, London is a modern city with age old traditions and a long and colourful history.
  16. $24.95 DVD Regions 1 & 2

    Item Code : GLOB1652

    London City Guide - Travel Video DVD.
    Globe Trekker Video. London's capital, London, is one of the worlds great cities. Divided into north and south by the River Thames, it has the old city to the east and famed nightlife to the west. A melting pot of culture and nationalities, combined with a historical past has created an individual, vibrant and much visited city. Join Globe Trekker travelers Jonathan Atherton and Megan McCormick explore this multi cultural, multi faceted and wonderfully historical city. London travel video. Along the way.. $_$_START_LIST ? Sample traditional jellied eels in the East End. ? Take a ride on the world's biggest Ferris wheel - the London Eye. ? Have a flutter on the greyhounds at Walthamstow racetrack. ? Witness royal pageantry at the Trooping of the Color. ? Have a personal tour of the Houses of Parliament. $_$_END_LIST Featured Destinations - Soho, Camden Market, Hampton Court, Kew Gardens, Hyde Park London Bridge, the East End, the River Thames. The material on this video was previously released under the title of "Lonely Planet"

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