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United States

  1. $69.95 DVD + $8.80 p&h or $18.80 foreign delivery All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : READ124

    America's Great Road Trips & Scenic Drives - Travel Video.
    Take a journey through the history of the US, visit its great mountains, lush greens, dazzling adventures and bedazzled by its glitz and glamour with this United States travel video. DVD. Deluxe Boxed Set. 6 Volumes. 9 Hours. Road trips have beginnings and ends, but it is what is in between that counts. This collection takes you down the American roads less traveled to discover the pulse of the Heartland, the scenic splendor of the country's most treasured national parks, the people and communities created far from major cities, and the distinctive charm that is uniquely American. Disc #1: America Scenic Drives: From Maine to Key West - Cruise down the most scenic routes of the Eastern Seaboard, driving along Maine's rocky coast, stopping at mighty Niagara Falls, taking the back roads through Vermont, following the misty Blue Ridge Parkway into Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and bridging the blue-green waters around the Florida Keys. Disc #2: America Scenic Drives: From Texas to Yellowstone - See the beautiful, ever-changing American Heartland, crossing the romantic Bridges of Madison County in Iowa. Marvel at the landscapes on Colorado's San Juan Skyway, and glide through Montana's Big Sky Country, past the Rio Grande, all the way to Castle Geyser in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park. Disc #3: America Scenic Drives: From Arizona to Alaska - Coast through the dazzlingly diverse American West, winding around California's Big Sur on Route 1. Drive to the edge of the humbling Grand Canyon, steer through Olympic National Park, roll past the idyllic beaches on Hawaii's Kauai Island, and cruise through a blizzard of glorious landscapes and wildlife in Alaska. Disc #4: America Great Road Trips: California, Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, Idaho & Wyoming, Washington - This exquisite journey through the picturesque countryside presents the marvels of local American landscapes. Experience the wine country of Napa Valley, the exploding volcanoes of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a cattle ranch in Montana and two national treasures in Wyoming: Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Venture over to the Olympic Peninsula to watch the shipbuilders work. Disc #5: America Great Road Trips: Red Rock Rim, Northern New Mexico, Natchez Trace, Blue Ridge, Vermont, Michigan - Get a taste of the local flavor from the people and communities that live on the back roads of America: see the western frontier in Phoenix, stop off to ski the slopes in Taos, and take an architectural tour of Santa Fe. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame, and cross into West america for a look at the Blue Ridge Mountains. Visit Vermont's Ben & Jerry's factory and charter a fishing boat on Lake Superior. Disc #6: Ghost Towns: Stories of the Great American Gold Rush and Stories of America's Historic Inns - Visit America's historic inns to meet the people and see the places where much of the nation's history occurred. Stop in the ghost towns, which sprang up during the nation's gold rush, but were quickly vacated as opportunities arose elsewhere. For those with a sense of adventure and a passion for history, these inns offer a fascinating link to America's past.
  2. $59.95 VHS NTSC + $8.80 p&h or $18.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : READ144

    Scenic Wonders of America - Travel Video.Scenic Wonders of America - Travel Video.
    VHS. Readers Digest. Boxed Set of 3 Videos From sea to shining sea, this three-volume set features 28 of the nation's most awe-inspiring scenic treasures, including 10 National Parks. Take a mesmerizing journey of Hawaii's volcanoes, Death Valley, the California redwoods, Utah's desert beauty, the great plains, the Mississippi River and much more. Early morning light and glowing sunsets add spectacular drama to an unforgettable panorama of dense rain forests, icy glaciers, thundering waterfalls, subterranean caves and cypress-filled swamps. 3 Hours ATLANTIC VISTAS From early morning sunlight that lights up the rocky shores of Maine's Acadia National Park to a glowing sunset over the Everglades in Florida, here's an unforgettable panorama of brilliant autumn leaves, thundering waterfalls, shadowed caves, cypress-filled swamps, and more. Along the way visit: $_$_START_LIST ? Acadia National Park (Maine) ? Autumn Leaves (New Hampshire/Vermont) ? Niagara Falls (New York) ? Mammoth Cave (Kentucky) ? Shenandoah Valley (america) ? Great Smoky Mountains (North Carolina/Tennessee) ? Okefenokee (Georgia) ? The Everglades (Florida) $_$_END_LIST AMERICAN WEST Start where America's mighty Mississippi empties into the Gulf of up river and wonder at the majesty of the Great Lakes...then head west to take in some of our countries most incredible scenic highlights. Visit the following: $_$_START_LIST ? Mississippi River (Louisiana to Missouri) ? The Great Lakes (New York to Minnesota) ? The Badlands (South Dakota) ? Devils Tower (Wyoming) ? Glacier National Park (Montana) ? Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming/Montana/Idaho) ? Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming) ? Arches National Park (Utah) ? Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah) ? Zion National Park (Utah) ? Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona) $_$_END_LIST PACIFIC FRONTIERS Your journey begins in the stark beauty of Death Valley National Monument. It ends with enthralling closeups of rare nene birds in the crater of a dormant volcano in Hawaii. In between: crashing waves, a dense rain forest, icy glaciers, and other extraordinary treasures. Along the way, visit: $_$_START_LIST ? Death Valley (California/Nevada) ? Sequoia National Park (California) ? Big Sur (California) ? Yosemite National Park (California) ? Crater Lake (Oregon) ? Mount Rainier (Washington) ? Olympic National Park (Washington) ? Glacier Bay (Alaska) ? Haleakala National Park (Hawaii) $_$_END_LIST

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