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Germany City Maps, A to D | Detailed, Travel, Tourist, Street

 Germany City Street Maps 
 A to D 
Detailed, Travel, Tourist, Berlin, Augsburg, Cologne, Dresden.

Germany City Maps, A to D

  1. $14.95

    Item Code : ADAC8191

    Aachen, Germany.Aachen, Germany.
    Scale 1:20,000. Size 37"x46". ADAC edition. Detailed city street map.
  2. $14.95

    Item Code : GERM8192

    Scale 1:12,500.
    Postage and handling is $3.50 for the first map
    and $1.50 for each additional map.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Foreign delivery is $7.80 for the first map
    and $5.00 for each additional map.
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  4. $14.95

    Item Code : ADAC8193

    Augsburg, Germany.
    ADAC edition. Scale 1:20,000. Detailed city street map.
  5. $14.95

    Item Code : BOLM8194

    Augsburg, Simulated 3-Dimensional Architectural City Plan, Germany.
  6. $14.95

    Item Code : GERM8195

    Scale 1:10,000. Detailed city street map.
  7. $14.95

    Item Code : ADAC8196

    City street map, detailed for travel.
  8. $12.95

    Item Code : FALK8198

    Bamberg, Germany
  9. $14.95

    Item Code : ADAC8199

    Bayreuth, Germany
  10. $17.95

    Item Code : ITMB8549

    BERLIN & Eastern, Germany.BERLIN & Eastern, Germany.

    Scale 1:10,000 / 1:415,000. Size 27"x39". International Travel Maps edition.

    Berlin is a city growing in importance as it reassumes the mantle of being Germanys capital. We have published this map to expand our range of city maps and it does much as one would expect.

    Main roads are shown in orange casing, secondary in pink, and local in white. Footprints demarcate major buildings and the map is covered with icons showing touristic attractions, hotels, and shopping areas. Rail lines and, of course, the S and U-bahn lines are shown. To me, the strength of this map is the regional map of what used to be the DDR, or East Germany.

    After WW2, Germany was divided into military zones that morphed into East and West Germany over time. Under Russian domination, East Germany was not open to travel for many years, so no travel maps were prepared. As communism collapsed and Germany was re-united, everyone had more important things to think about than a map for visitors, and authorities naturally wanted to "blur" the memories of decades of separation.

    As a result, there has never been a map of what used to be East Germany. There have been sectional road maps based on state boundaries, but these mean little to non-Germans. This map shows Germany East to best advantage; walled towns, castles, nature reserves, roads.

  11. $14.95

    Item Code : ADAC8200

    BERLIN, Germany.BERLIN, Germany.
    Scale 1:25,000. Size 38"x55" (this is a big map!) ADAC edition. English and multilingual legends. This is our most detailed street map of Berlin.
  12. $16.95

    Item Code : BORC8201

    BERLIN, Germany.BERLIN, Germany.
    Borch edition. Scale 1:11,000 & 1:18,000 (greater). Size 20"x26". Laminated, easy-fold, flexi-map. English and multilingual legends. Detailed city street map.
  13. $12.95

    Item Code : FALK8202

    BERLIN, Germany.BERLIN, Germany.
    Various scales. Falk Verlag edition. Standard folded map. Indexed. English and multilingual legends. Very detailed. Detailed city street map.
  14. $17.95

    Item Code : FREY8203

    BERLIN, Germany.BERLIN, Germany.
    Scale 1:17,500. Size 27"x38". Freytag & Berndt edition.
  15. $16.95

    Item Code : NATL8204

    BERLIN "Destination" Map Germany.BERLIN "Destination" Map Germany.
    Scale 1:15,000. Size 18"x25". National Geographic edition.
  16. $13.95

    Item Code : ROUG8205

    BERLIN, Germany.BERLIN, Germany.
    Scale 1:18,200 and 1:11,900 (city center). Size 20"x28". Printed on both sides. Rough Guide edition. Printed on tear-resistant, waterproof, paper-like plastic. Beautiful, easy-to-read cartography. English text and legends. In addition to the easy-to-read map on the front, the back includes: Regional map Points of interest Inset map of Mitte U-Bahn and S-Bahn public transport map Inset map of Potsdam Airport diagram Multi-language legend
  17. $12.95

    Item Code : HLWG8206

    BERLIN, Germany.BERLIN, Germany.
    Scale 1:15,000. Size 33"x52" (big map!) Hallwag edition. Large-scale map with crystal clear cartography make it easy to access the most difficult-to-find locations. You'll never get lost! English and multilingual legends.
  18. $10.95

    Item Code : HLWG8207

    BERLIN Cityflash, Germany.BERLIN Cityflash, Germany.
    Scale 1:24,000. Hallwag edition. Waterproof.
  19. $13.95

    Item Code : GEOC8208

    BERLIN, Germany.BERLIN, Germany.
    Scale 1:15,000. Size 27"x38". GeoCenter edition.
  20. $10.95

    Item Code : CART8209

    BERLIN, Germany.BERLIN, Germany.
    Scale 1:22,000. Size 25"x38". Cartographia edition.
  21. $18.95

    Item Code : TOPK8210

    BERLIN Panoramic and Street Plan, Germany.BERLIN Panoramic and Street Plan, Germany.
    Scale 1:17,000. Size 26"x39". Topkart edition.

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 Germany City Street Maps 
 A to D 
Detailed, Travel, Tourist, Berlin, Augsburg, Cologne, Dresden.